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    KOSPET PRIME S Smartwatch:



    KOSPET PRIME S Smartwatch Manual - English :



    The latest firmware version: KOSPET_PRIME_S_V1.6_20210727


    Revision record: July 28, 2021
    1. Modify the historical data of step counting
    2. Software version number: KOSPET_PRIME_S_V1.6_20210727

    Open the Google share link and download the software compression package, which contains three software packages & tutorials.


    About the specific operation tutorial of KOSPET PRIME S smartwatch:


    1. Install the driver of the Spreadtrum platform first, and install the driver according to the computer system; (note: win10 needs to be set first)



    2. After the installation is successful, open the upgrade kit, enter Bin, find the UpgradeDownload.exe executable file, and open



    3. Open UpgradeDownload.exe and wait for the progress bar to finish loading. Press the figure below to select the firmware version that needs to be flashed, such as C9_320X360_C2K-user-native_SHARKLE_9_LL_SIN.pac.



    4. Flashing package firmware is loading;



    5. Follow the steps below to set up;



    6. After the firmware package is loaded, click this icon to start flashing (after clicking, the icon turns gray). Then, when the watch is turned off, press and hold the return button of the watch first, and then plug in the data cable. After the flashing progress bar appears, release it and wait patiently for the flashing to complete.



    7. The watch flashing is completed.



    Note for flashing: After the flashing tool has loaded the firmware version, press the watch's【return key】and then plug in the data cable.


    If you have any operational problems, please leave a comment and discuss it together. KOSPET staff will also participate in answering questions!


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