Get up early and "stretch" to wake up your body and make you more energetic all day!

Get up early and "stretch" to wake up your body and make you more energetic all day!

Because most people sleep in different positions at night, they will feel problems when they wake up in the morning and need to stretch their bodies.
Good morning stretch
The first action - Good morning stretching, you can choose to lie in bed; If the bed is too soft, you can also lie on your back to practice.
First, prepare by stretching your legs straight and flat, crossing your five fingers and extending your head, and then extend your hands and feet to both ends, so as to lengthen and relax your spine and back, and release the pressure accumulated during sleep.

On this basis, you can also try to separate your hands and extend them outward one by one. This can focus on stretching and relaxing the shoulder and neck, as well as the middle and upper back area.
Bridge stretching
The next second action, bridge stretching, can further stretch and relax the spine and activate the core and lower limb muscles.
When practicing, still lie on your back in bed or on the ground and bend your knees. Then, keep the core buttocks tight and lift them up in a controlled way. The whole movement is almost the same as the "hip bridge". Be careful not to have the wrong posture of back waist reverse arch and rib valgus in order to pursue the range!
While pushing up your hips, lift your arms from both sides of your body to the top of your head. Finally, lower the hips and arms to the ready position, and repeat the exercise several times. This dynamic stretching method helps to promote the blood circulation and flow of the whole body, so that the muscles of the whole body can slowly wake up from the dormant state!
Cat Camel
The last third move is the classic "cat camel style". I believe many friends are familiar with it! It helps fully relax the spine, improve the flexibility of the waist and back, and completely improve the symptoms of pain and discomfort.
During the practice, everyone should support and prepare in a "quadruped" posture to ensure that both hands are shoulder width and both knees are hip width. First, draw in your shoulder blades, lift your head, inhale in, and extend your spine slightly downward; Then, lower your head downward, move your shoulder blades outward to both sides, exhale outward, and bend the upper back of your spine.

In this way, combined with breathing and repeated practice of "cat camel pose" for several times, it can not only fully relax the spine and release pressure; It can also mobilize the core and back muscles to a certain extent.
If you want to further activate your core back muscles, we recommend that you combine it with the classic "bird dog" core stability training.
When practicing, still prepare in quadruped style. On the basis of keeping the core tightened and the spine neutral, lift one arm and leg on the opposite side off the ground and alternate with the other side. After completing the bird dog pose once, then the cat camel pose once. Repeat this for about 10 times.

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