How to jog correctly should master 8 skills

How to jog correctly should master 8 skills

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There are many benefits of jogging. It can not only exercise heart and lung functions, but also burn fat quickly. How to run correctly? What skills do you need to master to run correctly?


1. Before running, it is recommended to do dynamic warm-up, also known as dynamic stretching, which can gradually increase the heart rate, and fully exercise the body to slowly warm up, so that we can adapt to the next exercise faster.
2. If you speed up at the beginning, it is easy to be out of breath and affect the whole running state. When you start, you should let each system of your body have an adaptive and active process, and gradually increase the pace and heart rate.
3. When running, keep the upper body stable, relax the shoulders, swing the arms naturally, take small steps, don't take big strides, and try to take more than 175 steps to reduce the pressure on the knees and ankles.
4. When jogging, you can also choose a pair of running shoes with good cushioning, support and stability, which can make us run more comfortable and focused.
5. When jogging, the heart rate can be controlled below 140 per minute. If you have a watch, you can pay attention to it at any time. If you don't have a watch, you can also pay attention to the body feeling at any time, breathe smoothly, and chat normally.
6. Different from warm-up before running, we should take static stretching after running, stretching one muscle group every 20 seconds or so, which can help us relieve muscle tension and fatigue after exercise.
7. It's best to run 3 to 5 times a week. Beginners can run for 30 to 60 minutes each time, or run for a rest.
8. Heavy weight friends can start with walking and running. The speed and distance of running must be gradual according to their own conditions. Don't be impatient, and let the body have enough time to recover, so as to better enjoy.

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