How to warm up before running a marathon

How to warm up before running a marathon

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Pre run warm-up is an indispensable part of running. Pre run warm-up has many advantages, but what can be done to make the warm-up give full play to its due effect? So how to do warm-up before running a marathon?

1. Walk quickly
Brisk walking can relax the muscles and warm up the muscles. Walk at a brisk pace for 1-2 minutes. The pace should be faster than regular walking, but not so fast that it feels like a slight jog. Once your muscles start to feel warmer and more relaxed, you can start running.
2. Knee movement
Knee movement is the preparatory action for running. You can do several groups slowly in situ, so that the knee can move to the abdominal muscles, hips, shoulders and quadriceps, and the knee can be fully warmed up and moved. This way, when you start running, your knee will be ready to avoid sudden injury.
3. Movable head
Extend your arms upward and move your head and neck, so as to effectively move around your shoulders. This exercise can stretch your abdominal muscles, shoulders and quadriceps femoris, and warm up your upper body.
4. Move your legs
This step is also called leg pressing exercise, which separates the legs, supports them one by one, and presses the two legs sideways to stretch the abdominal muscles, shoulders, arms and quadriceps femoris.
5. Kick
Kicking can effectively move the leg muscles. The main action is to lift the leg and kick it down, which is very effective. It can warm up the thigh muscles.

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