Proper jogging is good for your health

Proper jogging is good for your health

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As a sport, jogging is famous for its endurance. As a very common aerobic exercise, it is integrated into all aspects of our life. People who regularly jog are much less likely to get sick than those who never exercise. Its benefits are also many. Otherwise, it would not be favored by so many people.

Teenagers often run, which can promote physical development and bone growth, and is very helpful to all systems of the body. As an aerobic exercise, it is also very helpful to the respiratory system. Moreover, there are many types of running, including long-distance running, short-distance running, medium and long-distance running, with different distances and times. Some test explosive power and some test endurance. So even if it is just jogging, there is a lot of knowledge in it, We can customize a running plan for ourselves according to our own conditions. Besides, regular jogging can also prevent cancer. What is the principle of jogging to prevent and control cancer.
Research shows that easy jogging can enhance the respiratory function, increase the vital capacity, improve the ventilation and ventilation capacity, and provide 8-12 times more oxygen during jogging than during sitting. Oxygen is essential to maintain * life activities, and the capacity of oxygen absorption directly affects cardiopulmonary function. In general, the ability of old people to absorb oxygen is low, but exercise can improve the ability of absorbing oxygen.
The maximum oxygen intake of the elderly who practice jogging is not only significantly higher than that of the elderly who do not exercise, but also higher than that of the elderly who participate in general exercise. Jogging can strengthen and thicken the myocardium, which can exercise the heart and protect the heart. The heart size and function of the elderly who have been engaged in jogging for many years are the same as those of the 20-year-old young people who do not participate in exercise. This is because long-term exercise improves the nutrition of the myocardium, which makes the myocardium developed and improves its function.
Enhance muscle and muscle endurance. Regular and uninterrupted jogging can enhance motivation and muscle endurance, which are our ability to maintain work and cope with emergencies. Jogging is one of the best choices.
Reduce psychological pressure. In the competitive environment, if we do not eliminate the tension, mental and psychological pressure, we will always be at a disadvantage. Moderate jogging can reduce the psychological burden and maintain a good physical and mental state.
Improve the quality of life. Health is the foundation of everything. The first condition for improving the quality of life is to have a healthy body, and regular jogging is the only way to promote physical health.
Reduce joint burden: the nutrients of articular cartilage mainly come from the synovial fluid produced by the cells in the upper layer of cartilage. Jogging exercise helps to supply sufficient joint synovial fluid for joints such as knee and hip bone, and maintain joint health. In addition, regular running can strengthen the muscle tissue, thereby supporting the joints and reducing the burden on the joints.
Prevent constipation. Jogging exercise can stimulate the gut and digestive system and prevent constipation. Lack of exercise is an important reason for inducing constipation. Jogging for at least 30 minutes every day can promote intestinal peristalsis and relieve the pain of constipation.
Prevention of hypertension: the heart beats faster when jogging, because the heart needs to speed up its beat to supply more oxygen rich blood to the body. For those who regularly jog, even at rest, each beat of the heart can deliver more blood to the body. Regular jogging can normalize blood pressure by reducing body weight and reducing stress response hormones in the blood.

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