Some Principles to Follow in Running

Some Principles to Follow in Running

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Although running is good for your health, you must combine your own physical conditions when running. Do you also follow the following principles?

1. Run slowly
Different running speeds stimulate different cardiovascular and cerebrovascular systems. Slow running stimulates the heart more gently. Generally speaking, it is appropriate to multiply the number of morning pulse (basic pulse) every day by 1.4-1.8 as the standard for controlling running intensity.
2. Keep your stride small
The purpose of small stride is to actively reduce the strength of muscles in each step. Many people put too much effort on their ankles during running, and local fatigue occurs before they run far away, which often makes people give up running.
3. It's a long run
Long running distance can make the human body actively consume all the blood sugar in the current blood, and also consume the excess heat accumulated in the body. This active consumption is the best way to reduce blood fat, blood sugar and relieve blood pressure.

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