What are the advantages of walking

What are the advantages of walking

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Walking is a kind of exercise between walking and race walking. It is not limited by age, sex, physical strength and other aspects. It belongs to aerobic fitness exercise with low input and high output. What are the benefits of walking?

1. Relieve pressure
Scientific walking training can also stimulate the hematopoietic effect of human bone marrow, increase the content of hemoglobin and red blood cells in blood, strengthen the oxygen delivery system of human body, improve the cardiovascular, respiratory and central nervous system of human body, and enable people to cope with various psychological pressures.
2. Lose weight
Reduce abdominal fat accumulation and maintain body posture. Because walking can promote blood circulation, increase the basic metabolism of the body, consume more energy, exercise muscles and prevent fat accumulation; Even if you walk easily, you can consume more than 10 times the normal fat.
3. Enhance cardiopulmonary capacity
Walking is a very good aerobic exercise. It can not only exercise the muscles of our whole body, but also enhance the cardiorespiratory capacity. If our heart and lungs function well, it will not only improve our immune ability, but also resist many diseases. However, few people can persist in aerobic exercise, because people who have no exercise habit at the beginning will have various physical discomfort symptoms due to insufficient lung capacity when they are doing aerobic exercise. In fact, this is a normal phenomenon. As long as the heart and lung functions are well exercised for a period of time, the uncomfortable symptoms will naturally disappear.
4. Improve sleep
People will suffer from insomnia when they are in a bad mood or under great pressure. However, research shows that people's body is in a state of excessive fatigue, which will relax their spirit and make it easier to enter deep sleep.

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