What are the benefits of exercise

What are the benefits of exercise

Proper exercise can exercise, prevent some diseases, and long-term exercise can strengthen the body. We should do some outdoor sports properly. What are the benefits of exercise?

1. Prevent muscle atrophy
Even if we don't have special exercise, our limbs are actually constantly moving. For example, when our arm is injured, if we put on plaster and don't exercise for a month, it will be obviously thinner than the other arm. So exercise can make muscles elastic and strong.
2. Stone prevention
Exercise can help calcium absorption. If we don't exercise, the calcium in our body, even the calcium in our bones, will seep into our blood and urine, forming all kinds of stones.
3. Enhance cardiopulmonary function
Exercise can promote blood circulation and enhance cardiopulmonary function. People who do not exercise for a long time have a feeling that they will be out of breath after walking or exerting a little strength. This is the manifestation of deficiency of cardiopulmonary function.

4. Make men more masculine
People who exercise for a long time will have more androgen secretion and more masculinity. This is why soldiers generally have a "manly" temperament.
5. Promote blood flow
Long term exercise, blood flow, will not get together. If the blood is not smooth, it is prone to various ulcers or inflammation.
6. Prolong life
Exercise helps to increase the amount of blood pumped by the heart and keep the heart healthy. If you don't exercise for a long time, your heart will shrink, form thrombus, and even cause sudden death.
7. Exercise helps prevent and treat osteoporosis
Although brisk walking can help prevent and treat osteoporosis, it may not be enough. Its effect is that the foot impacts the ground, stimulating the bone cells of the legs, hips and spine to establish new bones, so as to prevent bone thinning that can lead to osteoporosis. However, more powerful activities such as dancing, hiking, jogging, rope skipping, climbing stairs or playing tennis can do more exercise, thus stimulating bone growth and maintaining bone density. Strength training is also important.
When muscles and ligaments are pulled toward bones, it can stimulate bone growth due to weight lifting, using tension bands or thrusters, or other exercises that rely on weight to strengthen muscles. The best method is the combination of big effect exercise and strength training; A study shows that this method can maintain the bone mineral density of newly menopausal women, and the loss of bone mineral density of newly menopausal women is accelerated.

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