What are the benefits of outdoor activities for your health

What are the benefits of outdoor activities for your health

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Nowadays, many people like outdoor sports. Why do more and more people like outdoor sports? What are the benefits of outdoor sports for your health?
First, release of pressure
The autonomic nervous system of our body is responsible for regulating various functions of our body system, controlling and regulating the activities and secretion of various organs, blood vessels, smooth muscle and glands. The autonomic nervous system consists of the sympathetic nervous system and the parasympathetic nervous system. The sympathetic nervous system mainly controls the stress response, which is what we usually call the "fight or flight" mechanism. When facing pressure, it can effectively deal with it. At the same time, when facing chronic pressure, the sympathetic nervous system also plays a dominant role and has certain negative effects on the human body, such as the excessive secretion of cortisol, which we often call. Parasympathetic nerve is to promote the realization of functions such as smooth rest and digestion of human body mechanism. It can also be simply understood as parasympathetic nerve to make the human body more comfortable and relaxed, and at the same time, the pressure level is lower.

The two systems both antagonize and coordinate the physiological activities of organs. Outdoor activities can provide more oxygen to the body by breathing fresh air and activate more parasympathetic nerve activities, so as to antagonize the sympathetic nerve. In other words, it can make our body release excess pressure and make the body in a more relaxed state, including a lower level of stress hormone cortisol, a stable and soothing heart rate, and nitric oxide in the skin can dilate blood vessels and reduce blood pressure. The pressure in the body is reduced, the metabolism is normal, and the recovery is fast. Will the efficiency of muscle and fat increase be higher. At the same time, not only outdoor sports have such effects, such as meditation, yoga and other physical and mental exercises, but also can activate parasympathetic nerves, promote inflammation recovery, cell regeneration, improve digestion ability and relieve physical pain.
Second, serotonin, which makes the human body happier
Serotonin is a chemical substance known as happiness. It is a neurotransmitter in the human body and plays an important role in regulating psychology and emotion. When serotonin is out of balance, there will be what we often call anxiety and depression. These problems will not only affect muscle and fat loss, but also affect our daily normal life. Generally speaking, the level of serotonin is relatively low in winter and relatively high in spring. The very important reason is that in spring, we have increased the time for outdoor activities, which makes the sunlight exposure time longer. During the time of being exposed to sunlight, it directly increases the production of vitamin D in the body. Besides tryptophan (the content of carbohydrate and protein is relatively high, which is one of the reasons why people like to eat hot food when they are in a bad mood) and vitamin B6, vitamin D is also required to participate in the serotonin level. Therefore, if you don't have anything to bask in, you will really become happier and reduce hunger in disguise.

Third, increase bone density
It should be well known by many friends to supplement calcium by sunbathing. However, sunbathing does not directly supplement calcium, but vitamin D produced by the human body through sunlight can help the human body absorb calcium, which is one of the main components of bone density. In addition, the human body also needs a lot of vitamin D to keep the nerve, muscle and immune system working normally. In our daily diet, few foods are rich in vitamin D, but free sunlight can be used to ensure that the body has sufficient vitamin D levels. At the same time, it should be noted that too much sunlight will burn the skin and may cause a series of skin problems. The outdoor sunshine in spring and autumn is not so strong, which is a good time for outdoor activities. In summer, you only need to bask in the sun for 5-15 minutes, 2-3 times a week, to meet the vitamin D supplement. In winter, you may need more outdoor sunshine time.
Fourth, improve sleep quality
The sleep cycle and circadian rhythm of our body are largely affected by light, especially the indoor and outdoor light conditions, which will directly affect the 24-hour clock system in our body. Therefore, outdoor activities can enable the human body to receive sufficient natural light during the day and avoid exposure to blue light at night, which will optimize the sleep cycle and improve the sleep quality. If you have sleep problems, you can try to do more outdoor sports, such as doing more morning exercises and afternoon walks in the morning or afternoon, and doing some homework that is conducive to sleep, such as meditation, dimming the room lights and taking a hot bath, before going to bed, far away from the electronic screen devices, which are conducive to a good sleep.
Fifth, enhance immunity
More sunlight is absorbed by us, with a more relaxed state and more vitamin D production, which in itself will enhance the immunity of the human system. At the same time, plants that are close to nature outdoors, including many organic compounds, will release a variety of substances beneficial to the human body. These substances can activate and improve the level of white blood cells in our immune system and help to increase the ability to resist viruses. At the same time, contact with nature may be the best non drug means to cure and relieve pain. Studies have shown that patients undergoing surgery who often move in nature may recover better and faster.
Sixth, more consumption
Sedentary and sedentary and electronic products are common problems for modern people. Just in the warm spring season, going to outdoor activities can not only relax your muscles and bones, but also increase the consumption of daily non sports. Don't underestimate this non exercise consumption. It can account for at most 10-30% of the total heat consumption output throughout the day. Many people who reduce fat have done a good job in diet and non exercise consumption, and the effect of fat reduction is as good as that of others. At the same time, due to not playing with electronic products in outdoor activities, some bad posture such as head leading forward, pelvis leaning forward and backward and round shoulder hunchback have also been alleviated. If it is outdoor fitness, it will be more pleasant, with more oxygen, and the efficiency of fitness will be improved.

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