What are the benefits of playing tennis

What are the benefits of playing tennis

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Tennis is also very common in life. Playing tennis is a sport with a large amount of activities. What are the benefits of playing tennis?
Exercise brain reaction ability
Tennis is a body-building exercise. When intercepting the ball, you need to run, jump and wave your arms in a fast pace according to the position and direction of the ball, which can effectively exercise the reaction ability of the brain and enhance the coordination and flexibility of all parts of the body.
Improve physical fitness and muscle strength
When playing tennis, it will stimulate the shoulder muscles and the biceps and triceps of the arm, which can effectively enhance the strength of the shoulder and arm muscles. In the process of rapid movement, it needs the coordination of muscles in the whole body, especially the leg muscles will get very effective exercise.

invigorate health
Playing tennis can promote blood circulation and improve metabolism. Increased oxygen demand during exercise can also stimulate the respiratory system and enhance cardiopulmonary function. In addition, playing more tennis can also strengthen muscles and bones and promote bone growth and development.
Lose weight
Tennis is a systemic aerobic exercise, which can stimulate the rapid burning of fat in all parts of the body. Data shows that taking 60kg people as the standard, playing tennis consumes 420 calories an hour, and the exercise intensity is 7.0met, which belongs to high-intensity weight loss exercise.
When playing tennis, the body metabolizes vigorously, and sweat secretes more. Pigments and toxic substances can be discharged from the body with sweat, helping to reduce the accumulation of toxic substances in the body. People with color spots on their faces or dark skin can play tennis more to promote pigment metabolism.
Release pressure
Tennis requires swinging to hit the ball, which can help vent emotions and release mental pressure. When you feel stressed at work, depressed, or feel aggrieved and want to beat someone, you can play tennis to release your emotions.

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