What are the benefits of running every day

What are the benefits of running every day

People's favorite sport to lose weight is running, which is simple, low-intensity and suitable for most people. Running requires persistence, so what benefits can you get from running every day?

1. Enhance cardiopulmonary function
Running can effectively exercise vital capacity, and the cardiopulmonary function will naturally be enhanced. Before running, the oxygen uptake capacity of the body will be improved, the blood flow of the heart will also be increased, and the oxygen delivered by the heart to various organs will be increased. Therefore, the working quality of organs will be improved, which will enhance the cardiopulmonary function.
2. Increase bone density
Although some people think that running hurts the knee, in fact, the correct way of running will not hurt the knee. Instead, it will increase bone density and make the legs more vigorous.
In life, it is not difficult to find that middle-aged and elderly people who often run still walk fast.
3. Become more disciplined
Running requires a certain amount of perseverance. If you don't have self-discipline, it will be difficult to keep running. Those who can keep on running have strong willpower. Although some people give up running easily because of their enthusiasm, those who keep on running can exercise perseverance and become more self disciplined, so they can keep on running. At the same time, it can also improve their stress resistance and make their quality of life better.
4. Promote weight loss efficiency
We all know that running can reduce weight. People who keep running will also improve their weight loss efficiency. During the running process, the calorie consumption will be increased. The daily calorie consumption is greater than the calorie intake. Therefore, the weight loss efficiency will naturally be improved.

5. Improve mood
Now people are under great pressure. Both life pressure and work pressure are slowly destroying a person's body and mind. Running can improve your mood, because running can promote dopamine secretion and make you feel happy. If you have pressure, you might as well keep running, which can effectively release the pressure and promote the physical and mental health index.
6. Make skin better
During running, people will sweat, and some impurities under the skin will be discharged, which can play a role in cleaning pores. Careful observation in life will show that people who keep running tend to have more shiny skin.
7. Improve back pain
Sitting for a long time can easily lead to back pain and poor posture such as stooping. Running can improve the back pain, correct the bad posture of stooping, and improve a person's temperament.
8. More and more healthy
Physical health is the foundation of everything. Running will make your body healthier and play a role in strengthening your body.

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