What are the benefits of standing on tiptoe for 15 minutes every day

What are the benefits of standing on tiptoe for 15 minutes every day

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With age, various functions of the body deteriorate. There are many ways to maintain health. Tiptoe is very popular among the middle-aged and elderly. It is said that the effect of tiptoe is more effective than cupping massage in traditional Chinese medicine physiotherapy. What benefits will tiptoe bring to the body?


First: relieve leg edema
Many office workers, students and middle-aged and elderly people do not develop good behavior habits. If they sit for a long time and do not exercise, the blood will not flow normally, the blood circulation of lower limbs will be blocked, and edema may occur.
Take out 15 minutes to tiptoe every day, you can insist on doing tiptoe exercise, promote metabolism, speed up local blood circulation, and improve body edema.
Second: prevention of hemorrhoids
Most hemorrhoids are related to the deposition of internal hemorrhoid veins. When sitting or standing for a long time, the influence of gravity will lead to the deposition of blood in internal hemorrhoid veins, which will induce hemorrhoids.
If we insist on "standing on tiptoe" for 15 minutes every day, it will be helpful to prevent and alleviate hemorrhoids. When we stand on tiptoe, the muscles in the anus will contract, causing the blood in the rectal vein to flow back, which can promote the blood circulation of the rectal vein.
Third: thin thighs
For female friends who want to lose weight, we might as well stick to tiptoe every day for 15 minutes, which can effectively consume the fat on their thighs, especially those who sit in the office for a long time and don't exercise, with more fat on their hips and legs, which will lead to pear shaped body to a certain extent.
When standing on tiptoe, hold on for ten seconds. When the heel is down, stand on tiptoe again after ten seconds.
Doing this for about 15 minutes a day is very helpful for promoting blood circulation. Slowly, the strength of leg muscles will increase, which can better decompose fat, thus playing the role of slimming legs.
Fourth: relieve waist pain
We all know that fast walking can relieve waist fatigue and pain. If you add tiptoe walking on this basis, the effect may be better.
Because tiptoe can not only exercise calf muscles, but also exercise gluteal muscles and waist muscles that are less active at ordinary times, and also stimulate the three yin meridians of the foot.
The reason why tiptoe can eliminate waist fatigue is that when tiptoe, it can better stimulate the waist muscles, which is better for alleviating waist pain.
This process makes the muscles and spine of the waist get a good traction.
Fifth: improve sleep quality
Don't underestimate the little action of tiptoe. It is also a kind of aerobic exercise. As long as you can stick to tiptoe for 15 minutes every day, it can also have the same effect as swimming, rope skipping, running and other sports.
In addition, according to clinical observations, medical experts found that people who often do tiptoe exercise will have positive changes in their sleep conditions.
Through further scientific experiments, it is confirmed that if people persist in tiptoe exercise for 15 minutes every day, after a period of time, people's insomnia, dreaminess and other bad sleep conditions will be alleviated.

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