What are the benefits of Taijiquan? Let's learn about it

What are the benefits of Taijiquan? Let's learn about it

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Tai Chi is also a kind of exercise. Tai Chi has many advantages and is liked by many people, especially some middle-aged and elderly people. Now let's learn about the benefits of Tai Chi?

1. Exercise the nervous system and improve sensory function
Practicing Taijiquan requires calmness of mind and intention. When practicing boxing, the motor center and the second signal system of the cerebral cortex are in a high state of excitation concentration, while most other areas of the cortex are in a state of inhibition, which is very beneficial for some patients with chronic diseases.
Because the pathological excitation focus was broken, and the function of the high-level nerve center was repaired and improved, some local lesions gradually reduced or disappeared.
The "eye turns with your hand" during practice and the "pushing and swinging" in pushing your hand will help improve the response ability of the optic nerve and skin.
2. Contribute to cardiovascular health
Practicing Taijiquan requires Qi sinking into Dantian. During abdominal breathing, the diaphragm and abdominal muscles contract and relax to promote blood circulation.
At the same time, when muscles are active, capillaries are fully opened, accelerating the reflux speed of veins and lymph, improving microcirculation, thereby reducing the burden on the heart and helping to maintain the health of the heart, blood vessels and lymph system.

3. Enhance ventilator energy
The deep, long and slow breathing characteristics play a good role in improving the ventilation and ventilation function of the lungs. For long-term practitioners, the respiratory rate will decrease, and the vital capacity and respiratory difference will increase.
4. Promote material metabolism
The nervous system can improve the regulation process of internal organs, massage the intestines and stomach, promote the blood circulation in the liver, enhance the secretion of adrenaline, and improve the material metabolism in the body.
Long term practice of Taijiquan can increase appetite, promote digestion, reduce cholesterol content and soften arteries.
5. Strengthen musculoskeletal system movement
The curvilinear action of Taijiquan, which is static in motion and dynamic in static, also strengthens the movement of muscle groups and muscle fibers in the whole body, so that the joint capsule and joint ligaments can be well exercised in the pulling movement of muscles, and strengthens the stability, flexibility and flexibility of joints. The practice of Taijiquan is very beneficial to unblock meridians and stimulate acupoints.

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