What are the points of exercise suitable for decompression

What are the points of exercise suitable for decompression

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There are many kinds of sports. Sports can make our body better, and sports can also reduce pressure. So what are the sports suitable for reducing pressure?
1、Yoga reduces stress. Yoga is more soothing. Meditation can relax you. Abdominal breathing exercises can also reduce people's pressure. Some stretching exercises can not only make your body softer, but also consume a lot of calories to achieve the effect of weight loss. It is very suitable for many women who do not like sports. But yoga needs long-term persistence, otherwise it will not be effective.

2、Boxing. Hitting an object like a big sandbag is an excellent exercise to release pressure.

3、Collective movement. Playing squash, tennis or basketball, football, or other team sports are all good ways to relieve stress.
4、Jogging. If it is difficult for white-collar workers to get up in the morning to exercise, they can choose to go jogging after dinner. It is very good not to sit on the sofa watching TV or surfing the Internet after dinner.
5、Climb the stairs. Although there are elevators for commuting, you can choose to climb stairs for exercise. If the number of stairs is below the 10th floor, you can do this exercise every day. Climbing stairs can not only exercise your bones, but also exercise your cardiopulmonary function, and also make your heart feel happy. Because it is a step-by-step climb.
6、Ride a bike. Now the car has become a means of transportation for white-collar workers, but the amount of exercise is too small. It is recommended to ride a bike at weekends. This is a good exercise, which can mobilize the organs of the whole body and enjoy the beautiful scenery.
7、Walk fast. This is also a good sport.
8、Office stretching. Don't sit for 2 hours. Regular sitting and stretching exercises are good for health.
9、Swimming decompression. Swimming is a closed sport. When swimming, people not only stretch their spine, but also push their legs. The coordinated movement of their limbs requires the cooperation of the whole body. Breathing in and out can promote the blood circulation of the brain. Due to the influence of water resistance, people who exercise in water consume twice as many calories as those who exercise on land. The effect of weight loss is also very good.

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