What kind of exercise do you do if you can't sleep well at night

What kind of exercise do you do if you can't sleep well at night

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Poor sleep quality for a long time may as well promote health through reasonable exercise. Sufficient exercise can not only accelerate the circulation speed of the body, but also provide blood \ oxygen to important organs of the human body. Adequate access to nutrients such as brain \ heart can avoid too little blood supply affecting sleep quality. What sports are suitable for if you can't sleep well at night?

1. Take a walk before bed
If you want to effectively improve the quality of sleep, you can choose to take a proper walk before going to bed, and increase the amount of exercise through walking, which is also beneficial to the improvement of sleep quality. Many people don't feel sleepy before falling asleep. They barely fall asleep and may be unable to fall asleep with their eyes closed for a long time.
If you can take a proper walk before going to bed, you can make your body feel tired in this way, and it is easier to fall asleep in the state of fatigue. This is a measure that people who want to improve the quality of sleep can take. Moreover, after walking, the blood circulation of the lower limbs accelerates, which can provide more blood and nutrients to the heart and brain, and the benefits are obvious.
2. Gymnastics
In order to improve the quality of sleep, you can do gymnastics properly at ordinary times, especially the elderly. Their body aging speed is accelerated, and their sports endurance is weakened, so some high-intensity sports cannot be carried out. If you can exercise your limbs by doing gymnastics properly, it is beneficial to speed up the circulation of limbs, maintain good blood circulation, and provide a large amount of blood to the brain, It can improve the insomnia caused by insufficient blood supply to the brain, otherwise the continuous lack of blood supply to the brain will lead to obvious sleep.
3. Run properly
The method to improve insomnia should be reasonable. You can run properly during the day. By running this way to increase the amount of exercise, you can also reap benefits. In the process of running, the lung function is enhanced and the blood viscosity is also improved. After holding on, you will find that the blood circulation of the whole body remains good, providing more blood to the important organs of the brain, and the health can be guaranteed only when the function is enhanced. Otherwise, lack of exercise for a long time, in addition to obesity, many physical indicators are unstable, and it is easy to reduce the quality of sleep at night under the influence of disease.
4. Yoga
To have high-quality sleep, you can also do more yoga exercises at ordinary times. Yoga is very suitable for women, especially those who want to manage their bodies and increase their flexibility. By doing more yoga, they can promote the body circulation. After some actions, the blood circulation speed is accelerated, and the blood needed by many parts of the body is provided in time, which can always reap benefits.

Moreover, proper yoga before going to bed can also cultivate self-cultivation and release pressure. Women who are prone to anxiety, tension and insomnia can also improve their sleep quality through this exercise, otherwise all kinds of health problems are prone to long-term insomnia.

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