What kind of sports do you do in summer? What kinds of sports are suitable for summer

What kind of sports do you do in summer? What kinds of sports are suitable for summer

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It's hot in summer, and many people are lazy and don't want to exercise, which will lead to poor physical fitness. Therefore, in summer, high temperature can't help but exercise. Exercise is the best detoxification saint. What sports are suitable for summer?
1、 Walk
Many people worry about fitness, especially in summer, and many people are unwilling to move. In fact, if you open your legs, you will naturally integrate into the fitness army. Traditional Chinese medicine points out that walking is the best aerobic exercise in summer.
First of all, fast walking is easy to master. Secondly, fast walking is not limited by time and place. In addition, fast walking on the ground has little pressure on the knee and ankle joints, which is suitable for almost everyone, including the elderly, the weak, the severely obese and so on. The equipment of fast walking is also very simple. Just a pair of comfortable sneakers, you can embark on the road of health. Try to take a walk in the street under the shade of trees, the windy river or the seaside, and the mall in the park is more suitable.
Everyone can find out a suitable amount of exercise according to their age, physique and the severity of disease. The general principle is not to be tired and to sweat slightly each time. During exercise, if you feel swelling and pain in the liver area and general fatigue and discomfort, you should stop exercising, lie flat and rest, and increase the blood flow of the liver, so as to reduce the burden on the liver. After exercise, if your appetite improves, your body and mind are happy, your fatigue is reduced, and your liver function is improved, you can increase your activity on this basis.

2、 Swimming
The best sport in summer is swimming. Swimming not only exercises the hands, feet, waist and abdomen of the human body. It also benefits the viscera in the body, such as heart, brain, lung, liver, etc., especially for blood vessels, which is known as "vascular gymnastics". In addition, because the heat consumed in water is significantly higher than that on land, swimming can also reduce too much weight and get the effect of bodybuilding.
Swimming time is very important. Six or seven o'clock in the morning, four to five o'clock in the afternoon, and seven or eight o'clock in the evening are good choices. You can swim for 10 minutes to half an hour each time, about twoorthree times a week. In summer, the water temperature is low in the morning. Before entering the water, wipe your body with cold water to make your body adapt to the stimulation of cold water and prevent cramps and other accidents. But try not to swim after 10 o'clock in the evening, otherwise it will cause insomnia due to nervous excitement.
After landing, it is best to use a sunshade to shade, or go to a shady place to rest, or use a bath towel to protect your skin, or apply sunscreen to the exposed parts of your body. After swimming, you should immediately wipe off the scale with a soft dry towel, and it is best to wash with fresh water. If there is water in the ear, the method of "jumping on the same side" with one foot can be used to drain the water. After that, do a few more relaxation exercises and limb massage, or take a nap in the sun for 15-20 minutes to avoid muscle stiffness and fatigue.

3、 Fitness ball
Fitness ball, also known as Baoding iron ball. This exercise can harmonize qi and blood, relax tendons and bones, strengthen internal organs, strengthen brain and intelligence, and the amount of exercise is small, which is not limited by the site and climate, so it is suitable for summer practice. If you can often adhere to the exercise of fitness ball, it has a good effect on hemiplegic sequelae, cervical spondylosis, periarthritis of shoulder, coronary heart disease, finger dysfunction and other diseases. In addition, due to the frequent friction between the iron ball and the palm skin, it will also play a role in improving blood circulation and treating diseases in all parts of the body due to electrostatic and thermal effects.
At the same time, the elderly play with the fitness ball for a long time. Through the movement of fingers and palms, they can also bend and stretch their fingers, palms and wrists flexibly, promote the movement of upper limb muscles such as fingers, wrists and elbows, and prevent and correct the symptoms of upper limb numbness, weakness, trembling, and decreased grip strength caused by degenerative diseases of the elderly. Moreover, hand exercises are also very beneficial to the brain. When playing with the health ball, people can concentrate on their hands, eliminate all kinds of distractions, eliminate tension, and relax the brain. Therefore, playing health balls often can also effectively protect the brain, slow down the aging speed of the brain and avoid the occurrence of Alzheimer's disease.
4、 Badminton
Badminton is often played on indoor courts, which is not easy to be exposed to the sun. It is an ideal choice for summer sports. Badminton is a kind of sports that can make people see clearly, have fast hands and get exercise all over the body. Playing badminton can not only strengthen the body, lose weight and shape, prevent cervical spondylosis, but also promote metabolism and excrete toxins with sweat.
Badminton is suitable for men, women and children. The amount of exercise can be determined according to their age, physique, sports level and the characteristics of the venue environment. Teenagers can exercise as an effective means to promote growth and development and improve physical function. The amount of exercise is medium intensity, and the activity time is 40-50 minutes. The elderly and the infirm can exercise as a method of health rehabilitation. The amount of exercise should be small, and the activity time should be 20-30 minutes. When playing badminton, you should also pay attention to the following points:
First of all, the preparation activities should be sufficient. Don't think that if the weather is hot and the body is open, you don't need to warm up. It's also essential to warm up playing badminton in summer. After playing, you'd better do some relaxing actions. In the process of playing, if you feel that your action has become slow, you should stop fierce confrontation and focus on fixed action practice.
Then, it is necessary to replenish water correctly. Sweating more in summer and salt loss are large, which is easy to reduce cell osmotic pressure, lead to sodium metabolism disorders, muscle cramps and other phenomena. Therefore, 10-15 minutes before summer sports, you should drink water appropriately, about 450 ml to 600 ml. Every 10-15 minutes during exercise, you should drink another 150 ml to 240 ml of water, even if you are not thirsty. It is best to add some salt to honey water. It is also necessary to drink sweet drinks if you exercise for more than 1 hour.

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