What should I pay attention to when playing badminton

What should I pay attention to when playing badminton

Badminton is a sport we all like very much. It is suitable for men, women and children. It is a systemic sport, a good project to improve heart and lung endurance and improve core health quality. So what should we pay attention to when playing badminton?

1. Choose a larger beat in the sweet spot
The so-called sweet zone is the best hitting zone on the racket surface. When the hitting point is in the sweet zone, it can give you enough hitting power, ball control and little vibration, and you will feel very comfortable. The sweet area of the racket is larger, so it is less easy to hit the non sweet area when hitting the ball, so there are fewer chances of vibration and injury.
2. Check the size of the handle
If the grip of the racket is too small, when the ball does not hit the sweet zone, the torsion of the racket will be greater, and the greater the damage to the arm. If the grip is too large, the palm cannot grasp the racket firmly, and it is easy to be tired. The appropriate size should be that there is about a 5-8mm gap between the ring finger and the big fish muscle when holding the racket in the forehand.
3. Reduce the tension (tightness) of the feather string
The looser ball string can provide greater thread bed effect, can hit the ball faster and more powerful, and transmit less vibration at the same time.
Frequently playing badminton to improve core health quality problems needing attention in playing badminton

4. Pay attention to whether the hitting posture is correct
Incorrect hitting posture is an important cause of injury. For example, the hitting point is too low, after hitting, the side is not enough when hitting, swinging the big arm to hit the ball, etc. Ask more experts around you to correct your mistakes.
5. Check the hardness of the racket
A racket with a hard racket rod requires players to give more force when hitting the ball, so that their arms are more prone to fatigue and injury. With a racket with a small club hardness, players can hit a more powerful ball without too much force, reducing the possibility of arm fatigue. At present, the average hardness of the badminton racket rod has been greatly reduced compared with previous years. Of course, the softer racquet has less control over the direction of the ball.

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