Which is better, jogging for 30 minutes in the morning or walking for 60 minutes in the evening

Which is better, jogging for 30 minutes in the morning or walking for 60 minutes in the evening

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Sports have become an essential part of people's life. Many people like running, while others like walking. Which is better?
——Jog for 30 minutes in the morning
Jogging itself is a common aerobic exercise, which helps to promote health and bring many benefits to cells. It can not only burn body fat, but also play a role in slimming down.
At the same time, it can also shape people's body shape. If you can adhere to the running habit for more than one year, you will find that your physical quality is getting stronger and stronger, your life is full of vitality, and you can completely get rid of the sub-health state and make yourself look younger.

Jogging, as a common aerobic exercise, no longer consumes fat and calories in the body to speed up metabolism and blood circulation. It is recognized as the best way to lose weight and keep fit.
The latest survey data show that people who persist in running for 30 minutes every morning have stronger cardiopulmonary function, which can accelerate the oxygen content in the body, improve cardiopulmonary function, and enhance the blood supply capacity and endurance of the heart to a certain extent.
In the process of jogging, you can effectively exercise to improve the phenomenon of heart and lung weakness, speed up blood circulation, gradually open pores, increase the early metabolic rate of cells, effectively discharge metabolites and wastes from the body, help to maintain health and reduce the burden on the body and other organs.
——Take a 60 minute walk in the evening
Most middle-aged and elderly people habitually go for a walk in the park after dinner every night. The time is basically controlled at about one hour. Walking in the park at night can not only promote intestinal peristalsis, absorb more nutrients, but also improve the sleep quality of the elderly.
On the other hand, walking at night brings less compressive strength to the body than running in the morning, but it can also improve the body's metabolism and blood circulation. Long term persistence is also a good way to exercise.
Especially for those who sit in the office for a long time and do not exercise, their bodies lack exercise. For female friends, after the age of 25, all cells are aging gradually. If they carry out high-intensity running training, their knees and other organs will be unable to bear it.

You might as well go for a walk in the park every day, and then walk slowly. At the same time, the impact on the soles of your feet is about twice your weight, second only to 1/3 of jogging. Walking can reduce the impact on other organs and tissues.
It is recommended that the middle-aged and elderly people in front of the screen walk about 5000 to 6000 steps every day for half an hour, which can effectively enhance the body's immunity and resistance and effectively resist the speed of cell aging.
From a practical point of view, whether it is running for 30 minutes in the morning or walking for an hour at night, it is good for the body and promotes the growth and development of cells. There is no good or bad effect.
You can choose a more suitable exercise mode according to your constitution and hobbies. As long as it conforms to the scope of science, it will help to develop a long-life constitution and promote the healthy development of your body.
After a night's deep sleep, the organs of the whole body gradually wake up. Morning running is more helpful to refresh the mind, improve the highly active state of the body, strengthen gastrointestinal peristalsis, and promote blood circulation and metabolic function.
However, it should be noted that the time of morning running should be controlled within half an hour as far as possible to avoid damage to the body caused by excessive exercise intensity. Maintaining it for 30 to 40 minutes is more conducive to changing blood cells and improving the activity of life operation.

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