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FAQ & Support for KOSPET Smartwatches

by Smartwatch KOSPET on November 07, 2022

Check out the following frequently asked questions (FAQ) accumulated from our dear customers, together with several tips or feasible solutions:


Q1: Why can’t my KOSPET smartwatch be turned on?

  • Use the original charger to charge your watch for more than 30 minutes.
  • Use a high-power charger (e.g. 9V/2A) to charge the watch or other fast-charging chargers.
  • Contact our customer service to help you replace a new charging cable.


Q2: Why can’t my KOSPET smartwatch be connected with my smartphone via the watch App (Da Fit, GaoFit, etc.)?

  • Unpair all Bluetooth devices on your compatible smartphone, delete the App and reconnect according to the user manual.
  • Reset the smartwatch and restart your phone.
  • Switch to another smartphone to reconnect the watch.


Q3: Why is the data collected by my KOSPET smartwatch “inaccurate”?

  • Fill in your actual personal information on the watch App, such as gender, age, height, weight and other information.
  • Make sure the protective film on the back of the watch is removed.
  • Make sure the watch is worn neither too loose nor too tight.
  • Reset your watch to reexamine the data accuracy.

Notes: 1. KOSPET collects (health) data utilizing its independent algorithms based on how you wear the watch. By and large, it is normal that errors from 3% to 5% exist in terms of user data.

  1. KOSPET smartwatches do not belong to medical apparatus. The heart rate, blood pressure and other health data collected by it are only for reference rather than clinical basis.


Q4: Why my KOSPET smartwatch cannot synchronize messages from WhatsApp or Facebook?

  • Please ensure that the watch App is allowed to access Notifications on your compatiblesmart
  • Please make sure Notifications for WhatsApp or Facebook on your compatible smartphone is turned on.
  • Please make sure Notifications for WhatsApp or Facebook on the watchApp is turned on.
  • Unpair the watch and reconnect it.


Q5: Why is the battery life of my KOSPET smartwatch “too short”?

  • Reduce the screen brightness and adjust the screen timeout to five seconds.
  • Turn off 24-Hour Heart Rate Monitoring (if possible) and other unnecessary notifications.


Q6: Can I swim with my KOSPET smartwatch?

  • KOSPET smartwatches with an IP68 waterproof rating and above can be worn to swim in shallow (sea) waters.
  • KOSPET smartwatches with a 3ATM/5ATM waterproof rating can be worn to dive in 10 meters deep waters.
  • Do not wear KOSPET smartwatches with an IP67 rating to swim.
  • All KOSPET smartwatches cannot be worn for hot showers.
  • Wash the watch promptly after exposing it to the sea waters.
  • Do not press any watch key under water.
  • After your watch is used for a period of time, its internal units may experience wear and tear, making its water-resistant performance likely to go ineffective.


If you have any further request, please feel free to contact us via or

by Luke on September 12, 2023

My Tank M2 won’t turn on anymore it’s not dead and I’ve tried charging it or powering on but nothing working, anyone able to help?

by Chris on September 11, 2023

Where are the answers to these questions?

by Peter Smit on September 09, 2023

My T2 watch track my sleep cycle incorrectly,the time frame wich it records sleep cycle is incorrect I will go to sleep at 22h00 to 06h15 but it recorded only from 23h30 to 0530.

by Moses Russ, Jr on September 02, 2023

Messages keep repeating

by Maurice on August 30, 2023

Bought the Tank X1, love this smart watch. BUT it stopped working and won’t charge…. Black screen.. only had it 2 weeks.. one day it started just vibrating constantly then stopped coming on.. now it won’t charge.. HELP

by Bong Espinosa on August 28, 2023

I accidentally pressed the ‘reboot’ on my Tank Xl. Please advise how to turn it again. Much thanks

by Jeff L Lipis on August 27, 2023

My steps are not counting correctly nor is it converting steps to miles accurately. I keep messing with the personal info to see if that might change the calculation, but nothing works. When I compare it to my pixel phone steps, it’s consistently more than double the steps of my phone. How can I fix this?

by Kevin C on August 22, 2023

Just purchased a Tank X1. It is great in every way EXCEPT:
“Walking” in the app actually displays as “Hiking” on the watch! This is rather confusing.
Two problems: 1) it did record a practice 7.5 minutre “walk/hike” on the watch BUT I went to save it and it indicated that it was too short! 2) the steps were therefore not even counted as well! — in other words, the step counter had not even changed to reflect the steps taken.

What is the real difference between Walking (Hiking) and “Outdoor Walking,” another option, other than in the first one it records steps and distance.

How long do you have to “hike”(walk) for it to record the data?

Thank you.

by James on August 19, 2023

Why doesn’t anyone answer any of the questions in the comments section? If so where can I find the answers?

by Jefferson on August 16, 2023

I have tank X1 , sometimes the screen switches off and doesn’t respond at all but the watch is still on I can see the lights for the heart rate monitor is still working,only way it turn on the watch screen again is to clear data using the phone app , can you please let me know why this issue is happening and is there any way to force reboot the watch using the buttons in the watch

by Alice on August 11, 2023

I just bought this watch and I cannot get my contacts to sync to it it says it will do 70 contacts I’ve only got a couple to sing to it I cannot get the rest to sync to it it comes up and says I only have 44 and I have more than that and most of the 44 that it brings up is business is doctor’s office and things like that I need my contacts for the people that I want to call can anyone help me

by Alice on August 11, 2023

I just bought this watch and I cannot get my contacts to sync to it it says it will do 70 contacts I’ve only got a couple to sing to it I cannot get the rest to sync to it it comes up and says I only have 44 and I have more than that and most of the 44 that it brings up is business is doctor’s office and things like that I need my contacts for the people that I want to call can anyone help me

by Abdullah Faisal on August 08, 2023

If anyone has been facing non-changeable raise-to-wake toggle, please check if the battery saver is on. I turned off the battery saver option from the quick toggles (second page), then the toggle becomes responsive.

by winko on August 01, 2023

Why Bluetooth’s range is only within in 3 meter?

by Mo on July 29, 2023

Bought the M2 tank, all functions work out of the box – but the Assistance, while pushing the button twice as per the manual, the screen goes into listening mode, and stays there, the watch fails to reply – my phone is the Samsung Note 20 Ultra.

by Susan Davis on July 26, 2023

I bought this watch not even a year ago for my husband and he loved it. We are on vacation and he got in the lazy river and the watch has frozen. Nothing works. It shows to be using battery but nothing on the watch works. I got this watch because it said rugged waterproof watch. Please send me some information on this watch and what to do.

by Ezequiel on July 18, 2023

I went to factory reset, and then it turned off and now it doesn’t want to turn back on, I’ve tried everything, can someone please help me?

by Milton ELLISON on July 17, 2023

Can not get the Tank T2 to sync my contacts from my phone everything else works, how do I sync my contacts. Messages , emails , call in and out , but can not sync contacts.

by Mac on July 16, 2023

Tank M2 purchased this year with waterproof guarantee to 10m. One swim in sea and it’s no longer working. So much for military grade testing, and performance.
Any advise to get replacement, or recover payment will be welcome.

by Blake on July 04, 2023

I bought KOSPET m2 tank and I have two problems with it. The light up doesn’t work when I flip raise my arm but turns off ( when opened manually) quickly when I put my arm down so it only half works? Also it doesn’t vibrate with incoming calls and both the watch and app are set for vibrate. It does vibrate when I power the watch on but for nothing else like alarm or timer ? Can you help

by Dave on July 03, 2023

I can NOT get “raise to wake” to toggle on. It’s on in the app, but the watch does not wake when I raise my wrist. The selection on the watch will not turn on?? What’s the problem!?

by Jason Hawkins on June 19, 2023

I can feel my watch vibrate and the light on the back comes on, but the screen is completely black. Never swam with it. Anyway to fix?

by Ali Hassan on June 10, 2023

why the Bluetooth range between the watch and mobile phone is 3 meter and how can i solve it?

by KSHITIZ MAHARJAN on June 07, 2023

Why this KOSPET fit app can’t share its data with Apple health app? I’m really disappointed.

by Johnnie E McBride on June 07, 2023

The FAQs say to use the charger that came with the smartwatch but no charger came with my Tank M2 watch. I’m glad the required charger is listed but it would be better if it was listed in the User Manual.

by Ron on June 02, 2023

Tank T2 not receiving notifications from calendar or clock apps. They’re also not available on the list of apps to turn on.

by eliot jackson on June 02, 2023

Why can’t the Kospet Fit app share data with apple health app?

by Irvan on May 20, 2023

The watch display doesn’t turn on, I try to charge it nothing happened

by Jon Parkin on May 08, 2023

Tank T2 watch is brand new but having two problems:
1) after following all suggestions and instructions still can’t get any notifications to come through on the watch – notification screen just continues to read ‘Empty’ no matter what I try.
2) I have turned off the 24hr time format but watch keeps going back to 24hr time every night at 11:59 rolls around, showing 00:00.

by Sam ward on April 27, 2023

Watch is connected to phone bluetooth but not in the kospet app, how can I resolve this issue

by KHALID SAID on April 04, 2023

I have been using the kospet TANK T2 watch for two weeks, and today I have a problem with losing its Bluetooth connection.

by Andre Lacey on March 27, 2023

I can’t get my take m2 to reset its daily counter of my step count. It is also not tracking my sleep pattern.

by Onofre San Luis on March 26, 2023

I set watch to 12 hr time format but it keeps going back to 24 hr format. Please advise.

by Kay on March 19, 2023

My kospet tankt2 keeps restarting with a black out screen. What can I do to resolve it???

by Dave on March 09, 2023

I’ve had the T2 and M2 for a month and I still can’t get it to connect with Bluetooth. I’ve reset the app Bluetooth and even changed the phone and I’m still not able to connect. Bloody shame as I have had no issues with them apart from recently not connecting

by Shamir on February 24, 2023

Have the tank t2 5 weeks now last night it was on 73% got up didn’t pay no attention did my morning routine then wanted to check my steps and time. Screen not turning on at all. Like seriously. I’m trying the charging for over 30 minutes and see. Never me and a kospet smartwatch ever again. Back to Samsung and huawei

by Mark on January 18, 2023

I have a Kospet Tank watch, delivered 17/11/2022, which stopped working around seven weeks later. Won’t charge, won’t switch on now totally useless. Your agent on eBay, fsm*3j9jerouv, has offered me $8, $10, $14 and $30 as compensation.

Not satisfactory. A replacement was expected with me returning the original purchase for examination. This agent is not interested so now Kospet will receive nothing but negative reviews.

by Jiannis on November 13, 2022

I have the kospet magic 2 which suddenly does not charge. I cleaned contacts, changed chargers?? but it does not charge. What could be wrong??
I’ve had for a year and a half, but I’ve only been using it for the last 5 months??I haven’t tried another charging cable for sure

by Oscar collazo on November 10, 2022

I need the link to the app for the tank M1 PRO