Eight fitness fashion sports for weekends

Eight fitness fashion sports for weekends

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For sedentary office workers, the best weekend rest is not surfing the Internet, but exercising. Aerobic exercise can help you lose weight and shape, reduce pressure and improve your beauty, and improve your personal charm index. What sports are suitable for weekends?

1. Mountaineering
Suitable crowd: it people working in the computer room in the dark.
Reason: IT personnel stay in the airtight computer room all day, and are troubled by the turbid gas and radiation emitted by the computer all day. If they stay in the gym at the weekend, your skin and body that haven't breathed fresh air for a long time will strongly protest against you. Climbing on weekends, let yourself be in the nature, breathe freely, sweat happily, and throw away all the boredom and fatigue of the week.
Effect: mountaineering is an excellent aerobic exercise, which can promote metabolism, accelerate blood circulation, improve endurance and leg strength, and enhance cardiopulmonary function.
2. Long distance running
Suitable crowd: I have always been sedentary at work, leaving a lot of people such as low back pain and cervical spondylosis, such as editors and freelancers.
Reason: it is reasonable to say that long-distance running is more suitable for this kind of people, but * two days of concentrated running on weekends will not only have little effect, but also long-distance running is a more intense activity and should not be carried out on weekends. Free water jogging has become the latest fitness exercise abroad and is an ideal exercise. Because jogging in water can evenly distribute the body load, it has obvious advantages over running on land. Moreover, in deep water, the lower limbs of runners are not shaken, so they are not easy to be injured, and they will feel comfortable after exercise.
Effect: the resistance of water is 12 times that of air. Running in water for 45 minutes is equivalent to running on land for two hours. Water jogging is especially suitable for obese people. Since the density and heat transfer of water are greater than that of air, jogging in water consumes more energy than on land, which can gradually remove excess fat in the body.
3. Shopping
Suitable crowd: women who stay in the office from morning to night.
Reason: This is one of the most popular leisure ways for women, and it is also a very good aerobic exercise. Compared with the boring equipment training in the gym, shopping not only makes women exercise unconsciously, but also makes them feel happy. It is a fitness method that achieves the best of both worlds?
Effect: women go shopping for less than two or three hours and more than one day. Continuous exercise can increase leg strength, consume a large amount of heat in the body, and achieve the effect of fitness.
4. Skating
Suitable crowd: people who have little activity at ordinary times and are lazy to exercise even on weekends.
Reason: skating is a fitness project integrating exercise and entertainment. For lazy people, it is the most relaxed sport that can achieve fitness effect by talking and laughing. Skating mainly exercises leg muscles and can improve the flexibility and coordination of limbs.
Effect: roller skating consumes 175 calories every half hour, which can enhance the flexibility of the whole body and the strength of all parts of the body.
5. Riding
Pleasant group: the work pressure is very high and there are certain risks, such as those who start their own companies or the management of the company.
Reason: my nerves are tight all day, and I'm really tired. Think about being a horse herder at the weekend and galloping freely under the blue sky and white clouds. Isn't it better than playing golf to satisfy your heart that wants to fly? The world is so big. After all, our life circle is only a corner of the world. We are eager to leave that small circle and yearn for a broader world. Perhaps when we ride horses, in the moment of flying, our dream has been half realized.
Fitness effect: horseback riding can exercise your agility and coordination, and can exercise all your muscles, especially the leg muscles. Horseback riding consumes 2700 calories an hour, the same amount of exercise as playing golf in a day.
6. Diving
Suitable crowd: people who work from 9 to 5 every day and work step by step without any change, such as government civil servants and secretaries.
Reason: you are tired of the invariance of life. Perhaps you have long longed for change and stimulation in the bottom of your heart, but dare not try. Diving will meet your expectations for excitement and free life. At the bottom of the water far away from the crowd, you seem to have come to a world completely different from the reality. Here, you can ignore it, like a free fish. That feeling is really happy and like a fairy. When you return to the real world from the bottom of the water, you will feel like a new person, and the problems and troubles that were originally trapped in the bottom of your heart will become so insignificant.
Effect: diving is a whole body sport, and its sports effect is comparable to swimming. In addition, people who can't swim can also.
7. High temperature Yoga reduces local fat
Many women are most worried about local obesity rather than obesity. The waist and abdomen are the easiest to accumulate fat. Yoga achieves the goal of weight loss through head, body and heart. Yoga practice can adjust the endocrine system of the human body while reducing weight. Even beginners of yoga can easily understand the pertinence and effectiveness of Yoga weight loss. Thermal Yoga sets the indoor temperature to 40 ° C. through stretching exercise, the muscles become soft and the lines become symmetrical. The heat consumption is also greater than that of ordinary yoga. Sweating accelerates the speed of removing wastes from the skin, which takes only 1 hour each time.
Health tips: Yoga is suitable for practicing on an empty stomach, two to three times a week, not too much. You can't take a bath within half an hour after practicing.
8. Taekwondo to improve body coordination
Tae Bo is the latest hot spot in gyms in Europe and America. TAE is the abbreviation of Taekwondo and Bo is the abbreviation of boxing. The upper limb movements mainly refer to the movement characteristics of boxing, while the leg movements are based on the leg techniques of Taekwondo. They are practiced with music and will never be boring. The best choice for those who are not in harmony with the body. It has a good effect on thin legs and waist, and you will soon see a small waist. It won't rebound, so it can lose weight and keep fit.
Health tips: because there are many upper limb movements in Taekwondo, you should pay attention to the stretching exercise of the arm after the Taekwondo exercise.

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