How to exercise scientifically in hot days

How to exercise scientifically in hot days

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Now the weather is hot and it is difficult for people who often exercise to sweat. So how to exercise and keep fit under high temperature? Follow Xiaobian to understand?
Summer sports
Brisk walking is a very simple and effective way of exercise. It belongs to an exercise with moderate intensity, which can improve cardiopulmonary function, increase fat consumption, and help lose weight. Vigorous walking can also improve brain function, improve psychology and relieve pressure.

Night running
Night running is the best choice for office workers. Running at night after the temperature drops can not only exercise, lose weight, but also relieve the pressure of the day.
static stretching
Stretching is not only a training method, but also a rehabilitation treatment method, which is suitable for relaxation treatment. Stretching helps maintain normal muscle function and improve muscle flexibility; Prevent sports injury; Relax your body and mind and relieve fatigue.
Exercise precautions:
First, choose light and comfortable sports shoes to prevent sprains;
Second, relax and stretch before and after exercise to avoid muscle cramps;
Third, water should be replenished in time after exercise, and air conditioning should not be blown directly to prevent colds.

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