How to make it easier for you to run and love running!

How to make it easier for you to run and love running!

Running is a kind of sport that can be carried out almost anytime, anywhere, and is quite beneficial to human health. Long term running is good for our health, so how to run easily?
Warm up
For any sport, adequate warm-up preparation is the key to ensure training performance and prevent injuries.
Before starting running, it is recommended that you carry out some low-intensity dynamic stretching to activate the muscles and joints of the whole body, so that the core temperature gradually rises and the whole person slowly enters the state. Then in the first 5 minutes of running, pay attention to accelerating step by step, so that the body has a process of adaptation.
And don't start running at full speed as soon as you get up and don't make any preparations. This is often the main reason for causing fatigue, injuries, affecting running performance, and making you run long and bad!
Also, don't stop at the end of your run. It is also recommended to slow down gradually in about 5 minutes; After that, it will be combined with some static stretching training to relax and accelerate recovery.


The routine breathing mode of nose inhalation and mouth exhalation may be applicable to many sports; But in the process of running, especially when the speed is fast and the intensity is high, it is not the best choice!
That is mainly because only when the oxygen supply is sufficient can the muscles operate efficiently to ensure continuous and smooth running. Usually, the amount of oxygen inhaled through the mouth is greater than that inhaled through the nose.
At the beginning of running, when the speed is slow and the intensity is low, nasal inhalation and spitting are also acceptable; Once the speed is gradually raised and the intensity is increasing, it is recommended that you switch to the "mouth inhale and exhale" mode.
On this basis, it is also important to maintain a regular breathing rhythm - in the case of moderate speed, it is recommended to "inhale in 2-3 steps and exhale in 2-3 steps". When the speed is fast, it is more recommended to inhale in 2 steps and exhale in 1 step, so as to alternate.
Daily habits
To ensure and improve running performance, a healthy and active body is the foundation. In order to ensure that the body is in the best condition, it is also crucial to cultivate good habits such as a balanced diet, adequate hydration, and rejection of junk food!
First of all, a healthy and balanced three meal diet with reasonable calories helps to control weight and ensure rapid muscle recovery. This allows you to run more briskly and smoothly, avoiding excessive stress on your joints during running.
Moreover, as the muscle moisture content is as high as 73% and the total body moisture content is 60%, adequate hydration is absolutely another key to ensure running performance and comprehensive health. First, pay attention to proper hydration before running; After running and sweating a lot, you should replenish water in time!

"Every time you run, you always try to run faster than last time" is often one of the main reasons that lead to excessive physical fatigue, unable to recover in time, and gradually losing interest in running.
Most of the time, we suggest that you keep a comfortable and moderate pace, and improve step by step and steadily.
If you feel that you are in poor condition and can't persist occasionally, you can slow down and adjust your recovery first. If you still feel tired and unwell, you can further slow down and walk for a period of time. In this way, you can complete the planned amount of training by running and walking.
key technology
There is no doubt that accurate running posture and standardized technical movements are the key to ensure easy and efficient running, avoid premature fatigue and prevent injuries.
However, professional and in-depth running techniques may be too complex for amateurs to apply. Therefore, let's briefly talk about the most practical key technical points:
First, keep a relatively short and brisk gait frequency to avoid energy waste caused by too large stride; At the same time, use the knee to guide the forward force, and use the heel to find the hamstring at the back of the thigh.
Moreover, the upper body, head and shoulders should be relaxed and stretched as much as possible, and the arms should swing flexibly; Finally, look at the position 20-30 meters ahead, so as to make the overall posture more natural and run more easily and smoothly!
strike a proper balance between work and rest
Finally, if you want to integrate running, or any sport, into your life and become a habit, it is also important to combine work and rest, and the appropriate training frequency.
Only by reasonably arranging the rest days can we give enough time for the recovery of the body muscles, and really enjoy running in a sufficient state and keep going. It's not that the more you run, the more frequently you work, the better. Running every day without rest can only be moderately counterproductive!
Generally, it is recommended that novices run for one day and rest for one day; With physical strength and rich experience, you can gradually run for 2 days and take a day off

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