Keep exercising for 30 minutes every day, and health will accompany you

Keep exercising for 30 minutes every day, and health will accompany you

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As the saying goes, life lies in body-building exercises. Keeping moderate body-building exercises can accelerate the whole body's blood circulation system, improve cardiopulmonary function, enhance immunity, and better fight against germs entering the body. In particular, sticking to the following five fitness exercises can lead to a long and healthy life.
Swing posture
Generally, swing fitness sports include playing table tennis, badminton, etc. this posture requires not only the upper arm, but also the shoulder and waist to cooperate with each other. The swing posture when hitting the ball can exercise the waist muscle, upper arm muscle and whole body muscle. Therefore, people who do swing fitness sports have vigorous energy, coordinated body and flexible mind. Unremitting swing fitness exercise can improve the strength of upper arm, improve the brain, improve the coordination of the whole body, and flexible waist muscles to relax the shoulders and neck. However, there must be a suitable place and a suitable partner. It is not easy to do swing fitness exercise in a short time. It is not bad to try to do the unarmed bow drawing, that is, to do a posture similar to the bow drawing, which can exercise the muscles of the shoulders, the whole body and the upper arm.
Due to the impact of water, swimmers can speed up the whole body blood circulation system and improve the heart rate. People who love swimming have good heart retraction and bounce. At the same time, the inhaled air is more humid, which can relieve the respiratory tract and is beneficial to lung health. Swimmers do not need to bear body weight, but can maintain knees and improve knee pain. Swimming is a kind of body-building exercise, which requires the coordinated development of the muscles of all parts of the body. It can not only balance the muscles of the whole body, but also accelerate the heat consumption, help to create perfect lines and achieve the practical effect of weight loss and body shaping. Using the breaststroke posture, you can make the leg lines more perfect by continuously pushing one foot on the ground and cooperating with the impact force of the water flow. Butterfly stroke is a high-efficiency chest expansion sport, which can exercise the muscles of the chest and abdomen. Freestyle can improve body strength and gluteal muscles. Diving can exercise sphincter, and achieve the practical effect of hip lifting and back training. When swimming unconditionally, you can do the posture similar to supine swimming with your bare hands at home. The specific method is to relax your whole body and lie on the ground, and stretch your legs and hands to the front and back as far as possible. Tuck in your stomach, extend your legs and arms out of the road at the same time, extend your right arm and left arm forcefully, and stay for a few seconds before turning to the other side.

on foot
Walking is an aerobic exercise suitable for young and old to lose weight. It is not limited by all equipment and places. If you can't go out and walk because of the outbreak or bad weather, you can also walk at home. Only the posture standard and the exercise time can help burn fat and exercise muscles. In addition, the gait of side point step, side sliding step and wide step can be adopted, which can make walking more interesting and the actual effect of fat burning better.
Studies have found that weekly running can reduce the risk of death by 27%. If you don't have enough time to run outdoors, you can run at home. However, 10 minutes of warm-up exercise must be carried out before each run. Sufficient warm-up exercise can enable people to quickly enter the exercise state, so as to reduce damage. In addition, you should also master the correct running posture. When running, you should raise your head, lift your chest, pull in your abdomen and lift your hips, which is conducive to shaping; Landing on the front sole of the foot can effectively slow down the impact on the knee joint; When running, the shoulders should be relaxed, and the hands must be naturally placed, which can not only exercise the leg muscles, but also allow the shoulders to get sufficient fitness exercise and flexion and extension. Sufficient stretching for 10 minutes after exercise can effectively improve the muscle and joint pain of the whole body, prevent the muscles of the whole body from producing hard lumps, and help to create a leg shape.

Yoga is a soft and efficient aerobic exercise to lose weight. It can accelerate basic metabolism and is beneficial to physical and mental relaxation. Practicing yoga on time can not only improve your temperament, but also prolong your life.
You can choose the appropriate sports according to your interests. The daily exercise time should not be less than 30 minutes. At the same time, you should persist in exercising for a long time to see the actual effect. You can't fish for three days and dry the net for two days.

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