Pay attention to these 5 small details, skipping rope will not hurt your knees

Pay attention to these 5 small details, skipping rope will not hurt your knees

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Rope skipping is an aerobic exercise that is suitable for many people. However, rope skipping is easy to get on the knee. How to do it without hurting the knee?

1. Pay attention to the power point of the body
During rope skipping, the front arm and wrist should be used to shake the rope to ensure the constant speed of the rope skipping. The lower part of the body takes off from the front foot, the knees are slightly bent, and the thighs are slightly strong, driving the body to jump up.
2. Avoid landing on the back foot
When jumping rope, it is necessary to remember to avoid landing on the back foot, which will play the role of shock absorption and avoid the vibration and damage to the knee and brain caused by its own take-off action. If the back foot lands for a long time, the back heel will feel pain, the spine will feel sour, and in severe cases, it may also lead to concussion.
3. Avoid swinging your shoulders too much
Skipping rope mainly depends on the rotation of wrist and forearm. If the whole shoulder is constantly rotated by a large extent, it will lead to a feeling of acid swelling in the shoulder. In serious cases, dislocation may occur. In addition, a large swing of the shoulder will make people feel tired more easily. The duration of skipping rope is too short.
4. Avoid single rope skipping for too long
It is suggested that the time of single rope skipping should be about two minutes. If the time is too short, it will not play a very good role, and the effect on improving physical fitness is not obvious. However, if a single rope skipping time is too long, it will cause continuous pressure on the Achilles tendon, wrist and calf, which is easy to cause muscle strain and tear. Therefore, the single rope skipping time should avoid being too long, and it is appropriate to use a short time for many times.
5. Choose a skipping rope of appropriate length
Too long or too short skipping rope will affect the quality of skipping rope. Too short skipping rope is easy to trip people, and the height required to jump when jumping is higher, which is more likely to waste physical strength. However, too long skipping rope is difficult to dance, and it is difficult to ensure high-speed and effective skipping rope. The best skipping rope length is to step on the skipping rope and lift the skipping rope handle up to its chest height.

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