Running with the "four principles" in mind has many benefits

Running with the "four principles" in mind has many benefits

Running is a fitness program suitable for the masses. The standard is relatively low. Long-term running can gain many benefits. But what should I pay attention to when running?

1、 Interval run for advanced training
Running is not the speed of competition. Fast running is an anaerobic exercise, which can last relatively short. It mainly exercises muscles and cannot burn fat. You have to find a suitable running speed to maintain it.
The running speed of beginners can be controlled at 6-8km per hour. Adjust your breathing to ensure that the heart rate is within an acceptable range, usually about 65%-85% of the highest heart rate. It can not only exercise your heart and lungs, but also promote energy consumption and make you Slim slowly.
After running for a while, you will find that the running level is slowly improved, and the acceptable running speed is improved to a certain extent. At this time, we can improve the training difficulty and carry out variable speed running, that is, the combination of jogging and fast running.
This is also a combination of aerobic and anaerobic exercise. It is a high-intensity intermittent exercise. The standard for heart function will be higher. Only people with basic physical fitness can maintain it. Interval running can quickly improve the heart rhythm and strengthen the muscle group. It takes only 20 minutes each time to achieve the effect of fat reduction and shaping.
2、 Scientific and reasonable running interval
Many people's physical fitness is basically poor. You can't customize the plan of running 10 kilometers at the beginning. It's difficult for you to maintain it.
For people who lack exercise, when they start running, they can take 3km as the direction. If you think it is not too difficult to jog 3km, you can increase it to 4km or 5km, which can slowly improve the running endurance.

3、 Scientific and reasonable rest is necessary
There is no need to clock in every day for sprint training. You must give your body 1-2 days of rest a week to live a regular life. Only in the second week can you be motivated to run forward again.
Runners can rest for 1-2 days a week to relax. Their interest in running will be higher than those who keep clocking in and running every day. They will last longer and can keep running longer.
4、 Do not run on an empty stomach or after eating
Running also needs to master a reasonable period of time. Although the fat reduction effect of fasting running is good, it is easy to cause low blood sugar, which is not conducive to lasting running. Therefore, it is not recommended to run on an empty stomach. You can fill in some ingredients half an hour before running, so that you can run longer.

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