Several points to pay attention to in fitness

Several points to pay attention to in fitness

What we should pay attention to in fitness is that before formal fitness, we must warm up the body muscles, move the joints and activate the body muscles to reduce the chance of injury. Before strength training, we should warm up the target muscles. For example, during chest training, we should carry out air bar push or push up training to activate the chest muscles, and then carry out weight-bearing training.

Fitness needs methods, not impulsive, not blind training. Everyone's physical endurance and strength level are different, and the fitness content is also different. You must make a plan suitable for yourself and stick to it for a long time to be effective. A scientific fitness plan is to warm up first, and then arrange resistance training to exercise the body muscles.
Then arrange aerobic exercise to promote body fat burning. Stretch and relax for about 60-90 minutes each time and persist in fitness for more than 3 times a week. Many people who want to lose weight will choose fasting exercise and think that fasting fitness will burn more fat. However, the endurance of fasting exercise is poor and prone to hypoglycemia and fatigue. For example, you can jog for 1 hour in a non fasting state.

You can only run for half an hour on an empty stomach, which greatly reduces the weight loss effect. Therefore, it is not recommended to exercise on an empty stomach. Before fitness, you can supplement a banana and other foods with a calorie of no more than 200 calories. You can also choose to start fitness training for 1-2 hours after meals, so as to maintain the motivation for fitness. After fitness training, people who increase muscle need to eat an extra meal to supplement carbohydrates and fats needed by the body, This can promote muscle synthesis.

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