There are several training methods to improve jumping ability

There are several training methods to improve jumping ability

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Long jump, high jump and rope skipping are all spring sports. How to train these sports. What are the training methods to improve jumping ability?

1. Increase the strength of the hip and enhance the explosive power of the hip, with or without instruments. Stand upright and take one step forward with one leg, with the center of gravity in the middle of the two legs. During squatting, the center of gravity moves from the middle to the front foot, and the knees bend at a 45 degree angle. Pay attention to the feeling of hip exertion, 15 times in one group, and exchange legs, a total of 3 groups.
2. Increase lower limb strength lower limb strength is like the engine of bounce force. The stronger the leg muscles, the greater the upward explosive force, and finally reach the maximum vertical leap.
Calf strength exercises. The strengthening of calf muscles is essential to jump higher. Stand upright on the ground, land on the front half of your feet, lift the heels of both feet vertically upward from the ground, persist in landing on your heels for 2 seconds, and repeat the action. This action can increase the range of muscle movement. You can also do one leg at a time, making sure to alternate between each leg to ensure balance. 20 times in each group, 3 groups in total.
3. Improve the flexibility of ligaments. Flexibility also plays an obvious role in increasing the springing force. Flexibility can increase the process of springing force, so as to increase the springing force and jumping height. We can improve flexibility by pressing legs and stretching muscles after warm-up. When stretching muscles, we should pay special attention to the stretching of calf muscles, which can stretch our ligaments well and increase the elasticity of ligaments can also effectively improve the bounce force.

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