What are the benefits of holding the Games every day

What are the benefits of holding the Games every day

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Health comes from exercise! Good health comes from exercise. What are the benefits of regular exercise? Let's get to know?

1、Improve vital capacity
The lung is a very important organ of the human body. People with unhealthy lungs will not be healthy. The large vital capacity indicates that the lung function is complete. We can improve the vital capacity through exercise, so that the lungs can be exercised, your vital capacity can be expanded, and the cardiopulmonary function can be improved.
2、Helps sleep
Nowadays, people are under great pressure at work, and more and more people suffer from insomnia. Research shows that exercising for 30 minutes four times a week can relieve stress and help people sleep. People who exercise regularly have 50% better sleep quality than those who do not exercise.
3、Control weight and keep fit
The process of exercise is a process of consuming heat and reducing fat. Exercise can increase metabolism, avoid heat hoarding, promote weight loss, and develop a good habit of sports. It will also make the body more compact and people become sunny and positive.
4、Delay aging and prolong life
Human is a process of gradual aging, and exercise can slow down the decline of various systems of the body and prolong life. Exercise for more than 30 minutes every day can increase muscle mass. After people reach middle age, persistent exercise can slow down physiological aging.
5、Improve brain function and intelligence
Sports can strengthen people's physique, promote brain development, improve brain function, and help develop intelligence. In the process of sports, people can enhance their memory and make their minds clearer by remembering the movements and essentials of sports.
6、Protect your vision.
Eyes are the most tiring part of the body, especially for teenagers. Long time use of eyes leads to myopia. If you can keep exercising for a long time, you can effectively avoid the eye damage caused by staring at books for a long time, reduce the time of eye use, and relax your eyes.
7、Prevent shoulder and neck pain
You have been working at the table for a long time, and cervical spondylosis, periarthritis of shoulder, and lumbar spondylosis are bothering you. At this time, you might as well go out and exercise more. Exercise can move human joints, promote blood circulation, relieve shoulder pain, relax muscles, and keep the body away from sub-health.
8、Release anxiety
Exercise can secrete dopamine, make people happy, relieve work pressure, reduce depression and other harmful emotions. When you are unhappy, exercise a little. It can help you dispel bad emotions and alleviate anxiety.

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