What are the benefits of regular jogging

What are the benefits of regular jogging

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As a sport, jogging is a very common aerobic exercise, and many people like jogging. What are the benefits of jogging?

Enhance cardiopulmonary function
Research shows that jogging can enhance respiratory function, increase vital capacity, and improve human ventilation and air exchange ability. The oxygen supplied during jogging can be 8-12 times more than that during sitting. Oxygen is essential to maintain human life activities, and the ability to inhale oxygen directly affects the cardiopulmonary function. In general, the elderly have a lower ability to inhale oxygen, while exercise can improve their ability to inhale oxygen.
The maximum oxygen intake of the elderly jogging is not only significantly higher than that of the elderly of the same age who do not exercise, but also higher than that of the elderly who participate in general exercise. Jogging can strengthen and thicken the heart muscle, which can exercise and protect the heart. The size and function of the heart of the elderly who have been engaged in jogging for many years are the same as those of the 20-year-old young people who have not participated in exercise. This is because long-term exercise has improved myocardial nutrition, developed the heart muscle and improved its function.
Consume calories (lose weight)
Exercise to lose weight, aerobic exercise to lose weight more! Jogging for more than 30 minutes will be better.
Enhance muscle and muscle endurance
Regular and uninterrupted jogging can enhance motivation and muscle endurance, which is our ability to maintain work and cope with emergency, and jogging is one of the best choices.
Jogging is a very popular sport, which has been attracting people's attention for a long time. It is also a very convenient sport, which can be carried out anytime and anywhere. It is economical, environmentally friendly, and effective. It is also a fitness sport that fits the needs of the public. Generally, if you want to exercise, others will recommend you to jog, which can not only promote metabolism, but also improve endurance.
Prevention and treatment of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases
Jogging can speed up blood flow, enhance blood vessel elasticity, promote blood circulation and remove blood stasis. The coronary blood flow during jogging can be increased by 10 times compared with the quiet time, that is, the blood flow per minute can reach 1200-1400 ml. For those who insist on long-term jogging, the heart rate can drop to about 50-60 times per minute at ordinary times, which can make the heart muscle rest for a long time. Jogging can promote the metabolism of the whole body, improve the lipid metabolism, and prevent and treat the excessive lipid in the blood. Elderly diseases such as coronary heart disease, hypertension and arteriosclerosis are mostly related to lipid metabolism in the body. Jogging can improve the normal metabolism of lipid substances in the body, reduce the content of cholesterol and triglyceride, prevent and reduce the deposition of cholesterol and other lipids on the vascular wall, thus playing a role in preventing and treating coronary heart disease, hypertension and other elderly diseases.

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