What are the benefits of running

What are the benefits of running

Now many people run for health. Some people say that running can cure most diseases. Although it is exaggerated, it is good for your health to keep running for a long time? What are the main manifestations?

1. neck, shoulder, spine: people who sit in front of the computer for a long time will have some cervical spondylosis. Proper running posture requires a straight and relaxed back. Running for a long time will be of great help to cervical vertebrae and other parts.
2. heart: if you keep exercising, your heart and cardiovascular function will be enhanced. At the same time of increasing the maximum oxygen uptake, the working quality of each organ naturally increases. In addition, middle and long distance running can accelerate blood circulation, so that the coronary artery can provide sufficient blood for the myocardium and prevent various heart diseases. Lower limb movement can promote venous blood flow back to the heart and prevent venous thrombosis.
3. eyesight: it is also good for eyesight to persist in long-distance running. When running, your eyes will look straight ahead, which can play a relaxing effect on your eyes.
4. blood: people with strong cardiovascular system have better blood quality than ordinary people. The adaptive changes of long-distance running can help to improve the metabolism of the body and reduce blood lipids and cholesterol.
5. pulmonary respiratory system: long-term middle and long-distance running can enhance lung function and increase vital capacity. Regular long-distance running can strengthen the respiratory muscles of the lungs and increase the amount of air exchange each time.

6. liver position: running can effectively reduce fatty liver.
7. abdomen: running for a long time can remove abdominal fat and make your abdomen healthy and flat.
8. waist and hips: the changes in these two positions are the first to reflect the improvement of the body by running. Many people have this experience after starting running for some time. There was no significant reduction in weight, but the figure began to change.
9. knee: although some people may feel knee pain when running for the first time, with the continuous accumulation and the exercise of leg muscle strength, the knee joints become stronger and stronger.
10. leg muscles: persisting in running will also change people's muscle tissue. After a period of persistent exercise, the leg muscles will become very strong and fit.
11. intestines and stomach: sports can make people feel happy, improve appetite, promote digestion and absorption, and greatly improve gastrointestinal function.
12. body bones: long distance running can increase the strength of joints and the flexibility of ligaments, and increase the strength and density of bones to prevent bone degeneration and osteoporosis.

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