What are the benefits of skipping rope

What are the benefits of skipping rope

Therefore, skipping rope has a better fat burning effect than running and many other sports. It has a higher fat burning efficiency. Not only that, persisting in skipping rope also has these five benefits, body or surprise.

1. Increase body flexibility
Now around us, many people have formed the bad habit of sitting for a long time and not exercising. If they lack exercise for a long time, their bodies will become very stiff and their flexibility will gradually decrease.
If you can keep skipping rope for 15 minutes every day, it will not only help improve your flexibility, but also help you exercise your balance, reaction and coordination.
2. Relieve cervical pain
Now many people need to sit by the computer all day because of the nature of their work, so they have formed the bad habit of sitting for a long time without exercising. If they sit for a long time, it will cause great damage to the lumbar spine, and it is easy to have pain in the waist and neck.
If you can keep skipping every day, it will be beneficial to exercise the joints and bones of the whole body, help promote the blood circulation in the body, and better nourish tissues and bones, which will also be very helpful for relieving pain.
Don't spend too much every day. Just take 15 minutes to jump rope, and the cervical pain will be well relieved. I hope you can stick to it.

3. Help improve the immune system
People's immunity is generally improved in two ways. One is that after being infected by bacteria and viruses, the body will carry out a series of resistance reactions. In the process of establishing this reaction, the resistance will gradually increase; On the other hand, the human body improves its ability to resist the external environment by increasing nutrition and strengthening exercise.
Skipping rope is an aerobic exercise, which will not increase the excessive burden on the body, but will mobilize the muscles, joints and bones of the body, thereby increasing immunity.
4. Help improve mood
During rope skipping, it will stimulate our brain to secrete dopamine, a substance that can excite our nervous system.
Therefore, when the dopamine content in the blood increases, our mood will also become relaxed, which is conducive to maintaining a good state of mind, helping to regulate negative emotions, and alleviating the condition of depression.
5. It has obvious fat reducing effect
Although skipping rope is also very tired, as long as you are willing to persist, you will find that your weight has changed after a month.
Not only that, rope skipping is a systemic aerobic exercise. Therefore, when you jump rope, with the continuous waving of your arms, your shoulder muscles and the muscles on your arms will exert force, which will involve the muscles of your back. In addition, in the process of jumping, the muscles of your hips and legs will also participate.
With continuous breathing, abdominal muscles will also shrink and relax. Combining aerobic exercise with anaerobic exercise can not only achieve good weight loss effect, but also exercise the muscles of the whole body, which can be described as killing multiple birds with one stone.

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