What are the benefits of swimming for half an hour every day after a month

What are the benefits of swimming for half an hour every day after a month

The weather is hot in summer. Many people choose to swim in sports. What are the benefits of swimming every day?
Achieve shaping effect
It is also a half-hour exercise time. Compared with running, swimming consumes more energy than running. Swimming champion jianjiahe insists on swimming to lose weight because of his obesity. He not only has a perfect body, but also won the world champion. Swimming is a whole body exercise, which makes the muscles of the whole body get better exercise, so that the lines of the human body look more beautiful.

Can avoid joint damage
When we exercise at ordinary times, a little carelessness may cause joint injury. However, swimming can avoid joint injury.
Because the human body and water will produce certain resistance when swimming, which will buffer the body, thus reducing the risk of joint injury.
Contribute to cardiovascular health
When swimming, the human body will generate certain resistance with the water when it goes. When resistance "confronts", it needs more heat. After the heat is released, the blood circulation speed will also become faster, which can achieve the effect of exercising myocardial contraction and make blood vessels more elastic.

Can increase vital capacity
In fact, swimming is a very physical exercise. When swimming, there are certain requirements for people's vital capacity, so as to ensure the "fluency" of swimming.
relieve stress
The study also found that swimming is a good way to regulate mood. Modern people are under great pressure, and many people are often in anxiety, depression, impetuosity and other states.
At this time, as long as you swim in the water for a few times, not only the muscles will be relaxed, but also the nervous nerves will be relaxed immediately, so as to expel the negative psychological factors that have side effects on the body, so as to restore a positive and healthy psychological state.

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