What common sense should be mastered in exercise and health preservation

What common sense should be mastered in exercise and health preservation

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Exercise can be done at any time, and there are many ways to exercise, but different people have different methods of exercise. How many common sense should be mastered for exercise and health preservation?
1. Be careful when exercising in high temperature in summer
Summer sports must follow the principle of low exercise volume and short-time sports, and try to avoid high-intensity sports under high temperature. Try to adapt your body to this hot weather. Especially in hot summer, you must avoid exercising in the sun, otherwise you will damage the meninges and retinas.

2. Pay attention to choosing sportswear for summer sports
Summer sports must be particularly sweat absorbing, loose clothes, and wet clothes must be changed immediately after sports. If you wear clothes with poor air permeability and sweat absorption ability during exercise, which will cause the humidity not to be discharged, it will cause a great burden on the heart of the human body.
3. Exercise should be properly controlled in summer
We must pay attention to the amount of summer sports. We should choose sports events, sports time and sports intensity according to our own physique.
4. Summer sports should know how to replenish water scientifically
Timely: since water is easy to disappear in summer, it is necessary to supplement water in time before, during or after exercise, so as to maintain sufficient water and physiological balance.
An appropriate amount of urine and sweat is about 1 to 1 liter per day in normal times, but it is much more than this amount in summer. Therefore, 1 liter of sweat is excreted and 1 liter of water is replenished in summer. Before exercise, supplement water properly as required, but it is not easy to drink a lot of water at once. The principle of replenishing water in a small amount for many times shall be followed during the exercise, and the water shall be controlled between 100 and 300 ml each time, with an interval of about half an hour. Do not drink a lot of water immediately after exercise.

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