Warranty Policy

In order to provide customers with a consistent and simple return/replacement experience, customer must meet the minimum return/replacement policy requirements described below, and the following requirements will automatically apply to the seller's return/replacement.

 *Note: The following policies only apply to users from KOSPET official online store (www.kospet.com). If you’ve purchased through other channels, such as Amazon, Aliexpress, eBay, Walmart and offline stores, etc., we recommend that you contact the customer service correspondingly to obtain faster solution. Thanks for your support and understanding!

 Applicable Conditions For Returns and Refunds:

1. Return with quality issues

You have 30 days (from date of purchase) to request a return/refund. You need to request a return in 7 calendar days past the maximum estimated delivery date OR 30 days from the order date, whichever is later.

Replacement requirements:

If there is a product quality problem within 2 years from the date of purchase, please provide the following information to apply for a new one.

1) Product order number;

2) Purchase link where you bought this item;

3) Videos or pictures that can clearly show the problem of the product.

Once the replacement application is approved, we will send you a replacement unit for free. However, the shipping fee will be borne by the buyer if it has exceeded 30 days from the purchase date.

2. Return without quality problems

You have at least 7 days from delivery date to request a return and refund if you are not satisfied with the product you bought or if you have some other subjective views. An 70% depreciation charge and shipping fees for both ways will be borne by the buyer if returned without defects within 30 days from the purchase date or 7 days from delivery date, whichever is later.

3. Cancel order

If you purchased an item from Kospet's official website and would like to cancel the order after the product has been shipped, you need to reject the package and bear the shipping cost, please be informed.

4. Replacement Service will not be provided where:

1) Service is required beyond the warranty period.

2) Legal proof-of-purchase, receipts, or invoices are not provided or are reasonably believed to have been forged or tampered with.

3) Products sent to KOSPET for replacement are found to be free of defects after all appropriate testing has been performed. Any failure or damage to the product results from unauthorized use or modification of the product.

4) Proof of damage during transit issued by the carrier cannot be provided.

5) Other situations specified in this policy.

Replacement Process


Within 2 years from the date of order, we offer a trade-in to fill the price difference if your product failed due to accidental causes in normal use. Every customer is entitled to enjoy this service. 

How to use KOSPET WORRY FREE+ service?

1. Fill out the form and tell us your information such as watch model, purchase platform, purchase time, name, email, etc.


2. After submitting the form, we will reply to you via email within 24 hours to confirm the information and the price difference you filled.


3. After confirming the information above, please follow our return address and return the product within 7 working days. Then be sure to notify us of your tracking number.


4. Since we receive your returned package, we will notify you synchronously to fill the price difference and send you a new product.

How much is the price difference?

Usually, it is 10-30 USD. It Depends on the actual product model and failure issues case by case.

Who bear the freight?

Back freight will be undertaken by customer and KOSPET pays the shipping freight.

What is the difference between WORRY FREE+ and a normal warranty?

KOSPET's warranty is for Quality Problems (Physical damage not covered) and WORRY FREE+ is for other failures besides Quality Problems, such as:

· Malfunction due to misuse, abuse, modification, or collision

· Improper storage or installation

· Normal abrasion

· Broke, water damaged or moisture products

· Disassembled products

· Flash the firmware or root the device

· Not repaired in time and make more malfunction

How long is WORRY FREE+ valid for?

Two years. You can replace it twice in two years.

How long does it take to exchange the product?

Usually, after we receive the returned package from the customer, we will notify you to fill the price difference, and then we will send the new product within 48 hours. The delivery time is usually 10-30 working days.

Apply For WORRY FREE +
Please fill out the form information as required, then "Submit"! KOSPET customer service will reply you as soon as possible by email to handle it for you.

Please note that all information please fill in correctly!

Caution Data Backup and Deletion

To protect your privacy, please backup and save your data (such as photos, contacts, call logs, etc.) In advance, remove your SIM card, and restore the watch to factory settings.