Notice of Changes in Brand Logo

Dear Customers,

We sincerely thank you for your continuous support for KOSPET!

This notice aims to inform that we are adjusting our brand logo. After our current items run out of stock, we will ship products labeled with our new logo. Nevertheless, products purchased previously still enjoy our after-sales services related to warranty, return and so on.

Meanwhile, the rest remains the same, ranging from raw materials to manufacturing facilities, from product specifications to our quality standards and services.

The original and new versions of the logo are displayed as follows:

The original brand logo will soon be replaced with the new one in term of product packaging, sales promotion and other relevant contents in our official social media accounts, major websites, the official website in particular.

Since we are presently undergoing the process of the logo alteration, some of our promotional materials may appear with a mixture of both versions. In this case, please feel free to shop for such products.

The transitional period is likely to witness the prevalence of original and new brand logos, both of which share equal validity.

We apologize for any inconvenience caused by the replacement of the LOGO!

Should you have any questions or concerns regarding this notice, welcome to contact us at your earliest convenience.

Sincerely yours,


June 24, 2022


The New Visual Brand Identity of KOSPET


Since its establishment in 2018, KOSPET has viewed customer demand as one of its top priorities. The company aims to generate long-term value for every user by adhering to its business philosophy of “win-win benefits”. On May 20, 2022, to display its corporate mission and values in a more authentic manner, KOSPET decided to innovate its visual design, including a new logo, iconography, type, imagery and color palette.

KOSPET strives to become a brand followed and adored by global users based on the "Quality First, Users First" philosophy. Thanks to its full-fledged supply system, the company boasts an annual production capacity of 5,000,000. For the past three years, KOSPET has collaborated with over 600 online media platforms worldwide. With its ever-expanding popularity and influence, the company has distributed its business in more than 70 countries and regions. Besides having been in partnership with over 200 agents across the globe, KOSPET has provided OEM/ODM services for 40-plus sole agents.

Exploration serves as the very essence of KOSPET’s new brand identity. Led by two peak-shaped elements, the new logo not only exhibits challenging outdoor environments but implies a spirit of exploration. The vigorous footsteps symbolize the pursuit of a healthy and energetic mentality, with the flaming red one representing the yearning for a promising future. In addition, the color palette rooted in neutrals appears with pops of bright color, while the vivid and dynamic imagery highlights the exploratory spirit of each and every individual.

The new logo helps signify an unswerving exploration, something KOSPET has been pursing ever since the beginning. “Footsteps stand for speed and power,” said Martin, the founder and CEO of KOSPET. “The new logo complements the brand perfectly, which means KOSPET never restricts itself to one particular smartwatch. We sincerely hope the spirit can convey strength to all our users, even just a little bit. We also hope whoever wears KOSPET smartwatches can face the challenges head-on and ultimately become a superhero in their own life.”

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