KOSPET TANK X1 Smartwatch|Smart Band
KOSPET TANK X1 Smartwatch|Smart Band
KOSPET TANK X1 Smartwatch|Smart Band
KOSPET TANK X1 Smartwatch|Smart Band
KOSPET TANK X1 Smartwatch|Smart Band
KOSPET TANK X1 Smartwatch|Smart Band
KOSPET TANK X1 Smartwatch|Smart Band
KOSPET TANK X1 Smartwatch|Smart Band
KOSPET TANK X1 Smartwatch|Smart Band
KOSPET TANK X1 Smartwatch|Smart Band
KOSPET TANK X1 Smartwatch|Smart Band

KOSPET TANK X1 Smartwatch|Smart Band

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15 U.S. MIL-STD-810H Certifications | 10 ATM & IP69K Waterproof
1.47" Rectangle AMOLED Display Made of Corning® Gorilla® Glass
Unified Full Metal Shield Design | 230mAh Pure Cobalt Battery

Keep Breaking Boundaries.

Ride the Winds and Break the Waves.

KOSPET TANK X1 features a water resistance rating of 10 ATM & IP69K, withstanding the equivalent of 100 meters’ water pressure and thus can be used for recreational scuba diving to 30 meters, which enables you to brave the storm and conquer the sea.

Note: Please AVOID wearing the smart band while diving below 30 meters, or in a sauna to protect its sealing effectiveness from water vapor.

Resilience to Match Your Own with No Limits.

KOSPET TANK X1 was engineered with premium quality and spectacular performance. Having earned up to 15 U.S. MIL-STD-810H certifications, the smart band battles with you through scorching deserts, humid rainforests and freezing glaciers.

Toughness from the Inside Out.

KOSPET TANK X1, moreover, has got through as many as 28 reliable internal tests.

Extended Battery Life, Built to Last.

Thanks to the 230mAh pure cobalt battery, a full charge on KOSPET TANK X1 powers over 50 days in standby mode, or 8 to 12 days for daily use, so that you can get the most out of your every workout.

Note: The battery life may vary according to the settings, operation conditions and other factors. So the actual result may differ from the laboratory data.

Broader View, Vivider Details.

Featuring a magnificent 1.47" rectangle, always-on AMOLED display with 194 x 368 pixel resolutions, KOSPET TANK X1 delivers a wide and ultra-clear viewing experience. Everything is laid out for you in a natural and condensed way, even in bright sunlight.

Seamless Full Metal Design That’s Out of This World.
Sophistication Meets Endurance.

KOSPET TANK X1 takes advantage of the Corning® Gorilla® Glass 3 that provides up to a 4x improvement in drop and scratch resistance, when compared to competitive aluminosilicate glasses from other manufacturers.

Super Lightweight, Hugely Snug.

Weighing only 52g, KOSPET TANK X1 comes in two dazzling colours, either showcasing your on-wrist sense of charm.

So Much to Get You Moving.

With its built-in 70 sports modes, KOSPET TANK X1 assists you to unlock novel, exciting sport experiences. Once you begin one of these 6 sports, the smart band will automatically sense your movement and suggest opening the corresponding sports mode.

Al-driven, A Leap in Precision.

Equipped with the cutting-edge VP60 bio-tracking optical sensor, KOSPET TANK X1 achieves unparalleled accuracy in monitoring 24-hour heart rate, blood pressure, etc The sporting algorithm V1.0 co-invented by KOSPET and CyweeMotion, meanwhile, collects and analyzes data in sports and health like your personal trainer.

Sleep Tight Every Night.

Follow your dreams with KOSPET TANK X1 through major stages of sleep, including light sleep, deep sleep, and rapid eye movement (REM). On waking up, you can view sleep data directly in KOSPET FIT App.

KOSPET FIT, Self-developed & All-purpose.

A profusion of practical programs and band faces are available on the free-to-download App KOSPET FIT via which you can also enter KOSPET official website, check your orders, learn about our new products there, and so forth.

Technical Specifications

Water Rating
Body Materials
Strap Material
Sports Modes
Battery Life
Theoretical Charging Duration

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Customer Reviews

Based on 44 reviews
Ralf S.
Kospet Tank x1

Habe mir die smartwatch heute gekauft, ich besitze sie erst ein paar Stunden und bin hellauf begeistert, das aussehen die Handhabung, und auch passende App dazu, Echt endgeil., Diese smartwatch kann ich nur bestens empfehlen

Nikitas Z.
Absolutely Perfect SmatBand

Already have it for 2 weeks and I am really satisficed with the SmartBand! I also review it on my YouTube Channel with positive feedback. I really enjoy this Band! Well Done Kospet! Now I am waiting to receive also Kospet Tank S1 in order to review it and give it as a present to my wife.
(Of course I already reviewed many other Kospet SmartWatches at the past on my Channel and most of them with positive feedback for my viewers. Kospet is a really good and Professional Brand!)

Judge.me YouTube video placeholder

Thank you for your review, you are such a wonderful husband.

I wish you and your wife a happy life.

Dirk K.
The whole TANK-Series is cool ...

I love, try and use Smart-Watches since more than 10 Years. There must be over 90 or more in my Hands. The rugged TANK is a real good one, coming up as M2, T2 and now as X1. All Watches have the same Features : the Standards as Pulse, Steps etc. plus Bloodpressure and Bloodoxygen. Especially those Data are important for People with Health Issues (like me). So I can tell my Doctor what's going on Day by Day or call him, if any Problems show up.

The only "weak" Point is the APP ... It is not actual "State of Art" :

# Data will NOT be saved by switchig from one Watch to another ! This must be fixed first.
# Data can not be syncronised with Google Fit. Many other Apps do this right now.
~ Watchfaces are very Popular, but you can not delete the Build-In (for new WF) and there is just 1 WF possible to add.
~ Europeans prefer WF with clear Data like Date, Weather etc. without the asian Style of colorful Pictures. Just give us "more" :)

To Customers : KOSPET is copied by many other Sellers! Be sure to buy the ORIGINAL !

Thanks for your honest feedback,
First of all, thank you very much for supporting our brand: thank you!
Secondly, our three-proof outdoor smart watch cannot be used as a specialized medical device to monitor medical problems. Please leave the professional work to professional medical devices.
Finally, I have passed on the last four points you mentioned to be optimized to the R&D department. I believe they will optimize them soon and update them to the watch.

Thank you again for your suggestions and approval of the product.

Hussain H.

It's amazing and worth buying

Thank you for your approval of the product and wish you a happy life.

Ahmad A.S.
Best smart watch

Its way better than apple watch . I highly recommend it

Thank you for your approval of the product.
It is our insistence to do a good job of KOSPET's own products.


·The Always-on Display function of TANK X1 needs to be manually enabled through "Settings>Watch Faces&Theme>Always-On Display". After enabling it,enabling this feature will greatly impact battery life.Battery life during actual use depends on various factors such as setup, operation, and usage environment, and may differ from laboratory results.

·KOSPET TANK X1 passed 15 rigorous control tests based on the MIL-STD-810H standard, Ref.No.ACSH22102607-R02. They can still provide you with reliable and stable protection no matter in different outdoor environments such as beaches, Gobi, and mountains. (For more information about MIL-STD-810H testing, please refer to the product details page.)

·10 ATM water resistance: KOSPET TANK X1 have a water resistance rating of 10 ATM (100 meters in depth). The rating is based on standard GB/T 30106-2013 and has been tested by the China National Horological Quality Inspection and Testing Center. The test report number is H202304064625-01EN-G1.

·The IP69K protection level means that the product is completely sealed to prevent dust from entering the device, and it can also continuously withstand the impact of a water column at a water temperature of 80ºC (176℉) and a water pressure of 100Bar for 2 minutes,The test report number is AOC DG1230324-14522E-SF.

·The watch is not suitable for wearing in hot shower, sauna or professional deep dive, high temperature will damage the sealing material of the watch. During water sports, it is necessary to avoid the direct impact of high-speed water flow. Water resistance is not permanent and may decrease over time.

·This product and its features are not designed to be a medical device, and are not intended to predict, diagnose, prevent, or cure any disease.

·Smart Nap Tracking: KOSPET adopts algorithm by CyweeMotion to support sleep detection regarding deep sleep, light sleep, awake and rapid eye movement. Your smartwatch may not detect or track your sleep if you lie down, sit, stay still or do sedentary activities like scrolling through your smartphone before bedtime. Or it may track your sleep by mistake when placed at the side table.

·All data are provided by internal laboratories or suppliers and obtained under specific test conditions, and due to real-time changes in product batches and production supply factors, there is no guarantee that the content and functions displayed on this page will remain unchanged permanently, and may be subject to change due to changes in copyright, commercial or technical conditions. KOSPET may modify the above information, all product data please refer to the actual content and characteristics of the product.

·About APP
KOSPET FIT LITE:TANK M1, Rock, Raptor, Magic 3, Magic 4, GTR.