Stay Up-to-date and Safe during the FIFA World Cup with KOPSET

Since the 2022 FIFA World Cup kicked off in the Lusail Iconic Stadium of Qatar earlier this week, this international football tournament has turned out to be the ultimate year-ending spectacle which most are enthusiastic about.


To see to it that you keep up with major games or sensational moments, here are novel features of KOPSET smartwatches that will help you stay informed as 32 national teams compete to win it all.


Embrace stunning visual experience

Thanks to its 2.4-inch high-definition display, KOSPET NOTE enables you to enjoy all high-profile games in the course of the World Cup to the utmost. For instance, its liquid-crystal display from Sharp features a resolution of 480*640 and a pixel density of up to 333ppi, which promises astounding visual experience. Besides, with a simple glance, you are able to unlock the KOSPET NOTE that supports fast facial recognition, so that you can indulge in the excitement of the World Cup all at once.


Appreciate every thrilling match

Another brilliant feature boasted by the KOSPET NOTE is that it turns into a mobile phone once a Nana SIM card is inserted into it. To top it off, its massive storage of its 3GB RAM and 32GB memory renders you completely absorbed in every single match in which your favorite team or player is involved. In addition to running almost all Google Apps, NOTE allows you to watch game after game before needing another charging boost, owing to its impressive 2,000mAh battery.  


Share anytime, anywhere

Whenever you come across a player scoring an amazing goal and you can’t help sharing it with your friends or relatives who are football fanatics as well, our KOSPET TANK M1 PRO have you covered. By leveraging its exceptional Bluetooth chipset, the smartwatch not only makes it possible to make or receive incoming phone calls without taking the phone out of your pocket, but also allows for music playback from your compatible smartphone at half-time while you’re taking a rest.


Keep an eye on your health

It is understandable that you turn excited as your favorite team or player delivers awesome performance, or you may feel blue when you find the result unsatisfying. Either way people are very likely to overact or even put their health at stake. That’s when KOSPET fitness smartwatches are at your service. On one hand, they are powerful enough to monitor a wide range of health parameters, such as your body temperature, blood pressure, blood oxygen, to name just a few. On the other, they are capable of sending out heart rate alerts in case of emergency.

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