KOSPET PRIME 2 Smartwatch Manual

  • Hello I  just recived Prime 2 yesterday and my Bluethoot wont connect to my phone 

    I tried reset to factroy and didint work

    tried diffrent phone still wont work 

  • @Luka Janić 

    Hi Dear users, we are sorry for the unexpected problem.
    For your feedback, this is generally a connection operation problem.

    About the correct connection steps of the KOSPET PRIME 2 smartwatch:
    Please download Wii Wear APP on your mobile phone → open APPP → scan the connection QR code P of the watch → there will be an option to confirm pairing between the watch and the mobile phone. Please confirm→succeeded.

    When connecting, please pay attention to turn on the Bluetooth of the watch and mobile phone, be sure to connect through APP Wii Wear, you can not directly operate the connection in the Bluetooth setting of the mobile phone.

    Please follow our method, if it fails, please contact our official KOSPET after-sales service: after-sales@kospet.com. We will solve it for you, please don't worry!

  • @Luka Janić I see that many Kospet products offer products that are super strong and cool, but many users often experience damage to their Kospet products, fortunately before I bought Kospet products I was advised to go to the forum provided and indeed many complained about the quality of Kospet products. ...thank you for sharing your experience

  • @KOSPET Official How to apply screen guard 

  • WiiWear App is not available in Google Play Store 

  • @Ayush Raj Hello friend, KOSPET PRIME 2 If you can't find the app "wiiwatch", it is recommended to change it to "gao fit". Support compatible.

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