Sneak Fitness into Your Workday with KOSPET

With the summer holiday approaching soon as we are halfway through June, we seem to spend more time arranging the forthcoming family trips, social gatherings and so on. As a result, exercising seldom crosses out mind, during workdays in particular.  Together with your KOSPET smartwatch, the following tips seek to fit a workout into your busy schedule, helping you make the most of the active lifestyle.


1. Focus on shaping the habit.


While you may not get used to working out in the course of a workday, we strongly recommend that you endeavor to do it from now on. Just get yourself moving regardless of the length and quality of the exercise. After all, some studies reveal that it takes two months or so to form a new habit, which is longer than what you may have heard of.


Therefore, why not highlight the habit itself instead of actual results in the first place?


2. Integrate exercise into commute.


If you live close enough to your office, how about trying to work by bicycle? It seems to require extra planning and organization. If you manage to commit, however, you can reap a great many benefits over the long haul.


Above all, you are able to exercise by cycling to work, which can be facilitated via the 70 sports modes supported by KOSPET TANK X1. In addition, you can spend less on the commute, let alone contribute to environmental protection. Anyhow a test run before you make up your mind is advisable, in order to calculate the distance and time consumed by enabling the corresponding features on the smart band.


Perhaps you can go for other free alternatives as well. For example, try to get off the bus or the train a couple of stops earlier, or park your car slightly farther away to lengthen your walk. Either way does the trick in increasing your steps during the course of commute.


 3. Make each physical activity count.


It is reported that sitting in the office for hours can be quite unwholesome even if you do exercise, making it crucial to incorporate physical activity into your fitness routine throughout workdays. This is when KOSPET TANK X1 plays a big part.


Not only can it assist you to count steps when you practice taking more steps, it also vibrates to remind you to stand and move around with the Sedentary Reminder enabled.


To be sure, all KOSPET smartwatches are equipped with remarkable features for your health, including real-time monitoring of heart rate, blood oxygen, blood pressure, and even beyond. As exercise makes up a larger proportion of your everyday routine, such features are bound to step up your health and wellness to a new high.

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