Is the Mini Workout that Effective?

If you are about to ask pedestrians on the street randomly about whether they find their life busy, overwhelmed or over-scheduled, chances are that the vast majority of them will answer with a solid “YES”. This is largely due to the rising difficulties in balancing work and social obligations, fulfilling household tasks and struggling to have a great night’s sleep. Consequently, people tend to be more stressed out than ever, which leads to the popularity of the mini workout.

A mini workout, as the name suggests, refers to a miniature version of a workout session. An exercise session normally lasts from 45 minutest to an hour, while a mini workout takes much shorter, between 10 and 15 minutes. That’s why there is a growing number of people trying to keep fit through mini workouts, those who are too engaged for one-hour exercises in particular.

So what are the benefits of mini workouts?

Above all, mini workouts can fit into any schedule. Instead of sparing a large amount of time on your timetable for the gym, why not seek breaks in your calendar for mini workouts, such as between classes and meetings. Not only are mini workouts schedule-friendly, it also help people stay motivated by merging fitness into their everyday life.

Another benefit of mini workouts is that it can help combat a sedentary lifestyle without requiring tons of efforts. If you spend most time sitting on a day, adding a mini workout every few hours is a superb way to further get you moving that day, which is bound to propel you to your fitness journey.

In addition, assuming that you merely work out for 10 to 15 minutes at a time, you can do more mini workouts throughout the day. This can contribute to more active time per day than if you dedicate an hour to the gym.

To make the most of your mini-workouts, you should, first of all, go for appropriate exercises. The essence of mini workouts is fast and convenient, so that you can do it wherever suitable without any equipment. Also more focus should be put on form to see more results. Rather than fitting as many exercises as possible into your mini workouts, commit to fewer exercises with better form. At the end of the day, exercises are not about quantity but quality.

Please be noted that this blog is not intended as a substitute for medical diagnosis or treatment but for educational purposes only. Always consult your doctor before changing your diet, altering your sleep habits or starting a new fitness routine.

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