KOSPET × CYWEEMOTION: Prepare for Takeoff!

As we dived deeper into the area of outdoor sports during the past two years, we have successively introduced three KOSPET rugged smartwatches warmly received by the market, with the TANK series as our best-selling product line.


Likewise, thanks to its 20 or so yeas of sensor-related experience, CyweeMotion is a pioneering provider of sensor fusion technology in the industry and has partnered up with numerous world’s renowned brands, not least Xiaomi, OPPO and OnePlus. Meanwhile, CyweeMotion has formed a strong patent portfolio following its nearly 20 years of dedication to the sensor fusion technology. In 2014, there was a dispute between CyweeMotion and Apple regarding such technology, which ended up with an amicable settlement.


KOSPET TANK M2and TANK T2, two major releases for KOSPET in 2022, were first launched in our official website on December 15th. Both smartwatches combine intelligent sporting algorithms co-developed by KOSPET and CyweeMotion. They also adopt dual-mode, single-chip CPU RTL8763EW, G-Sensor STK8325 and the high-precision heart rate sensor VP60.


To top it off, TANK M2 and TANK T2 support up to 70 sports modes with smart recognition of six — still, walking, running, cycling, elliptical and rower. Powered by our advanced algorithms and accurate detection, we safeguard your health by recording and collecting real-time health data, such as distance, consumed calories and so forth.  


In the final analysis, this joint development model opens a new chapter for in-depth cooperation between different brands and companies specializing in professional sporting algorithms. Excellent customer-centric brands like KOSPET never fail to satisfy the market demand, which once integrated with tremendous technical support from CyweeMotion, are certain to introduce more promising and intensely competitive products to the high-end smartwatch industry in future.

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January, 7. 2023

هل يمكنني لحصول على الساعة كوسبت تانك t2
من لبنان

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