Warranty Policy


To ensure better after-sales service for all KOSPET users, this Warranty Policy is issued in accordance with customer protection laws or regulations across the European Union (EU), the United States and mainland China. KOSPET will provide you with warranty service related to any Product return, exchange or repair under the following terms and conditions.

This KOSPET warranty policy covers Products, as defined herein, purchased through our official website (https://kospet.com), authorized agents, distributors, and other authorized third-party sales platforms of KOSPET.


Service Mode

Products purchased through KOSPET official website are eligible for all warranty services. Regarding purchases from other sales platforms, KOSPET official website only covers repair, worry-free replacement, and technical support for Products within the warranty period. As for return or exchange, please contact the retail store, online store, etc., where the Product was originally purchased.


KOSPET After-sales Technical Support

If the seller or distributor you purchased the Product from does not accept or fails to solve your after-sales problems in a timely manner, welcome to contact us.

Email: official@kospet.com

Phone: +1(507)668-8466


Warranty Coverage

This warranty policy warranties KOSPET smartwatches (excluding accessories) under normaluse against:

(i) malfunctions of certain features due to hardware or software failure;

(ii)defects in materials or workmanship caused by oxidation, corrosion, etc.;

(iii) water immersion in normal temperatures without manual disassembly or damage;


Warranty Exclusions

This Warranty is NOT applicable to:

(i) normal wear and tear;

(ii) defects or damage caused by misuse, (including the spillage of liquid, abuse, connection to

improper voltage, unusual stress, panel deformation);

(iii) defects or damage caused during transportation, loading or unloading of returned,

exchanged or repaired Products;

(iv) defects or damage caused by installation, use or maintenance not in accordance with the

user manual;

(v) Absence, damage or blurriness of the nameplate, SN code or permanent label;

(vi) Out-of-warranty Products;

(vii) defects or damage caused by accident (including fire, flood, earthquake);

(viii) use for medical, healthcare or treatment purposes;

(ix) other scenarios identified by KOSPET.


Warranty Models & Services

KOSPET provides our global users with a two-year warranty from the date of purchase, featuring these 4 warranty models and services for Products without human-caused issues:

A. Free Repair Service

Apply to: Product defects or damage other than the foregoing warranty exclusions.

Estimated Time: KOSPET offers limitless repair service. It may take about 1 to 3

months to repair from the date we receive the returned Product, depending on the specific circumstance.

Relevant Fee: KOSPET offers free repair and will bear the cost of shipping the repaired Device.


B. Free Replacement Service

Apply to: time-consuming and expensive Product repair assessed by our customer service team that will offer a replacement free of charge.

KOSPET will provide 1 free replacement at most for each order regarding Product defects or damage other than the foregoing warranty exclusions.

Relevant Fee: KOSPET offers free replacement and will bear the cost of shipping the new Device.


C. Paid Repair and Refurbishment Services

Apply to: Product defects caused by human error.

You can contact our official customer support to start a paid repair request. KOSPET will evaluate based on Product status and customer demand.

Estimated Time: It may take about 1 to 3 months to repair or refurbish from the date we receive the returned Product, depending on the specific circumstance like the time needed for accessory replacement.

Relevant Fee: Customer should bear the repair fee and the cost of shipping the repaired or refurbished Device.


D. Worry-free Replacement Service

Apply to: normal wear and tear, accidental damage, and time-consuming repair (claimed by Customer).

Estimated Time: You can replace your existing smartwatch with a brand new one at the lowest price, or a higher-priced product by filling the price difference, which is applicable to each order twice at most.

Note: KOSPET provides the long-term worry-free replacement service as part of our VIP services. Compared to repair service, the worry-free replacement service is twice more efficient and costs less than 70% of repair fee on average. Depending on the specific circumstance, our technical team will measure the Product value and create a replacement plan, under which you can get a new smartwatch by paying 20% to 60% of the original price.

Relevant Fee: Pay the lowest price possible to get a brand new smartwatch, without sending back the original Product.

Procedure: Submit application of worry-free replacement → Pay replacement cost→ Ship replacement Device


KOSPET Customer Service

Email: official@kospet.com

Phone Number: +1(507)668-8466