“Strap” in and Stride Forward

Aside from the smartwatch that crafts your unique charm, the accessory such as watch straps plays a vital role in stepping up your style from the wrist.


To make your KOSPET smartwatch further stand out, we have recently introduced two distinctive watch straps that help you shine on every occasion and stay more plugged into your trendy lifestyle than ever.


Quick release magnetic double sided watch strapsBeyond colourful and dynamic.

Compatible with: KOSPET TANK M2 & KOSPET TANK T2


Treated with numerous built-in magnetic loops, our silicone magnetic watch straps enjoy secure closure without a clasp. The soft watch strap, which is manufactured with immensely durable silicone, is not only flexible and snug to wear, but resilient enough to avoid being easily deformed.




The refreshing accessory by KOSPET also makes a perfect companion for your daily workout and even outdoor navigation, given that it is sweat-resistant, washable and easy-to-dry.


Besides fully compatible with KOSPET TANK M2 and KOSPET TANK T2 smartwatches, the magnetic strap fits other watches with 22mm spring bars since it can be adjusted to match different wrist sizes.



More astounding;y, the strap is double sided, with yellow and orange within one strap, red and black within the other, which enables you to mix and match in your element.


Click here to view more.


Stainless steel strapsA modern interpretation of classic

Compatible with: KOSPET TANK M2 & KOSPET TANK T2


Featuring a sublime combination of stylish design and rugged durability, the stainless steel strap innovated by KOSPET blends in with both business and casual vibes. The strap has been carefully assembled and engineered to secure a smooth and consistent texture, so that it remains comfortable on your wrist, while assisting you to triumph over adversity.



Our stainless steel strap comes in two classic colours – silver and black and comes with a compact watch link remover with which you can switch watch strap at ease, so as to style up your best self anytime, anywhere.


This pronounced accessory suits both KOSPET TANK M2 and KOSPET TANK T2 smartwatches seamlessly and perfectly. For more details, please click here.




To be certain, there are more superior watch straps available in our official website, including the camoufalge straps suitable for KOSPET TANK M1 and KOSPET TANK M1 PRO, smartwatches together with other matching straps for KOSPET OPTIMUS 2 smartwatch, and so forth.

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