What Makes Excellent KOSPET Running Smartwatches

For those who are still in search of the ideal wearable as your running companion, how far have you got so far?


Given that we’ve been in the smartwatch game for some time, we’re certain to have a large number of options to prepare you to accomplish your goals. If you are torn between KOSPET smartwatches, don’t worry at all! Whether for entry-level or advanced runners, our running smartwatches have got you covered, walking you through every mile, every stride and every race all along.


KOSPET Running Features

Before you select a KOSPET smartwatch, you may wonder which one covers running and training features that are most beneficial in reaching your goals. Let’s guide you through major highlights embraced by our running smartwatches.


Above all, just because you start with the basics never means your watch should be basic. Even smartwatches designed by KOSPET for entry-level runners boast leading tools and metrics that can help you grow as a runner:


Reassess Your Goals

It is highly advised that you reevaluate your goals in Da Fit, Gao Fit and other free KOSPET Apps, whether you plan to set up tougher goals to stay motivated or ease up on them as life turns busier. In addition, it is simple to makes those changes and view your progress in such KOPSET applications. You are even allowed to compete with other KOSPET users concerning steps, sleep quality, to name but a few.  


Wellness Tracking
KOSPET sees to it that you’re not overdoing it by keeping track of your health conditions while running. For instance, thanks to its advanced technology, your compatible KOSPET running smartwatch monitors your real-time blood pressure and blood oxygen, giving you a better picture of when to take it easy.


Empowered by its built-in optical heart rate sensor, in the meantime, these wearables enable accurate detection of both static and dynamic heart rate, along with warnings of tachycardia. After all, having your heart rate data and heart rate variability tracked provides insight into your overall fitness day in and day out.


It is also of vital importance to keep an eye on your oxygen saturation during running, particularly as the duration and intensity increases. In this case, make full use of your KOSPET running smartwatch to help you prevent any danger triggered by excessive exercises, let alone it supports measurements of your body temperature (e.g. MAGIC 3S).


Sleep Monitoring

With a KOSPET running smartwatch on your wrist at night, it is capable of evaluating your sleep quality and generates a sleep score correspondingly that informs you of whether your sleep was more restful or more stressful, together with a breakdown of your sleep stages and so much more.


Long Battery Life

Seriously, we mean ultra-long battery life. Depending on which KOSPET smartwatch you choose, you can get a maximum of up to 50 days of battery life, such as TANK T1 and TANK M1 PRO.

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