Five Self-care Practices Every Day

Let’s face it, there is so much going on globally for now, not least the pandemic. As a result, we somehow forget to take a break and conduct an internal wellness check. Luckily, if you own a KOSPET fitness smartwatch, you are able to preview your overall progress at any given moment available with a simple wrist up. Here are five of our favorite ways to exercise self-care with KOSPET.

1. Stay hydrated.

This is not the first time you hear it, nor will it be the last time. There are a host of reasons to drink water, one of which is that your body needs fluids to maintain a normal temperature, aid digestion, protect your tissues and joints and regulate your mood. Whether you prefer to knock them back glass by glass or slurp through a ready-to-go bottle, remember to drink that water.

To keep you on track, switch on the Water Drinking Reminder on your compatible KOSPET smartwatch to log your everyday drinking times and interval. You can then set reminders to ensure you meet your hydration goal by the end of the day.

2. Observe your stress level.

Besides featuring in stress, anxiety irritability and other negative emotions, mental stress is reflected in both inhibited sympathetic and parasympathetic activities. The higher the inhibition, the greater the mental stress. This is no joke, however, KOSPET smartwatches even allow you to assess your current mental stress level in real time.  The wearables are gratifying in harnessing heart rate data to measure the interval between your every single heartbeat.

3. Take a timeout to breathe.

Assuming that you are suffering high stress level, it may be an excellent time to pause and take a breath. Your KOSPET smartwatch can walk you through mindful and calming breathing exercises when you are in need of help. As you follow the instruction to breathe, the watch tracks your stress and respiration levels to make you grasp how your breathing techniques are working. The whole process takes around 30 seconds.

4. Get your beauty rest.

Getting enough sleep not only helps you stay sharp the next day, but it is crucial for your entire immune system, not to mention your physical and mental health. Wearing your KOSEPT smartwatch at night during sleep, it is capable of evaluating your sleep quality comprehensively and formulates a sleep score that reminds you of whether your sleep was either restful or stressful.

5. Set aside some time for sports.

Exercise is of vital importance for your muscle strength, heart and lung health, energy levels and even more. From walking to cycling to rowing, the sports modes supported  by your KOSPET fitness smartwatch are nearly endless, feel free to explore each one of them and start your own exercise routine.

 In general, we deem things are inclined to work better when your mind and body are fully integrated. Sometimes practicing a little self-care is all it takes.

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