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Just like the regular smartwatch, the rugged smartwatch has evolved from a traditional wearable to what is equipped with waterproof (or water-resistant) capability in order to make itself a more suitable device for this modern era.


The market these days sees a steep demand for sublime waterproof smartwatches across the globe in that they are universally applicable to almost every weather condition. Whether in heavy downpours or during swimming, these wearables still keep close track of your activities by providing sums of precise data. Those who are fond of swimming and other water sports are particularly attracted by waterproof smartwatches, because it is easier for them to stay focused on their daily underwater progress.  


Even though a waterproof smartwatch is wanted by many people, the level of water resistance required varies from person to person. Some are simply concerned about sudden rain showers, while others intend to wear the smartwatch during swimming, scuba diving, or other forms of water and marine sports.


Here we recommend KOSPET smartwatches in terms of water resistance features in various scenarios.


  1. Water resistance for daily use.

Recommendation: KOSPET Athena

Rare are situations when we get soaked with water, yet many of us are anxious about the impacts posed by rainwater or perspiration. Smartwatches with this feature may not be ideal choices for work involving water or swimming, but their resistance against water is powerful enough to perform daily activities. Take the KOSPET Athena smartwatch as an example, its IP67 waterproof ratings have you covered if you happen to splash a little water on it while washing your hands, or if you get it a bit wet in light rain showers.

To view more, please visit: https://kospet.com/products/kospet-r18-smartwatch


  1. Water resistance against splashes.

Recommendation: KOSPET MAGIC 3

Thanks to its extraordinary IP68 waterproof, the KOSPET MAGIC 3 smartwatch remains safe and sound even if you are involved in water sports and other activities in which you are likely to get splashed with water. In addition to being worn during sports and recreation, MAGIC 3 can be applied in work requiring frequent contact with water. On the whole, the smartwatch enjoys a higher level of water resistance than those mainly designed for everyday use.

To view more, please visit: https://kospet.com/products/kospet-magic-3-smartwatch


  1. Water resistance for water sports.

Recommendation: KOSPET TANK T1

The KOSPET TANK T1 smartwatch boasts a water resistance of 5ATM & IP69K, so that it can not only be safely used in fishing, agriculture and car washing industries, but also in outdoor water sports ranging from swimming and fishing, to surfing and yachting. With elaborate water-resistant design, TANK T1 does take waterproof performance to the next level, making it a trustworthy companion concerning both everyday water and underwater sports.



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