KOSPET Smartwatches Work Hand-in-hand with Your Phone

Let’s admit it that we scarcely take our eyes off the notifications — whether it is a text message from our loved ones, an email from our boss or simply a calendar reminder that notifies us of the next appointment with our doctor. That is how we stay connected, yet it doesn’t necessarily suggest we should be too attached to our phone. Owning a KOSPET smartwatch, you can ensure that you are as plugged into as you are supposed to be, even when your phone isn't on hand.

Stay proactive and informed.

Once paired with either your Apple or Android smartphone, your KOSPET smartwatch delivers a multitude of features. Apart from mind-blowing battery life,  your KOSPET smartwatch supports built-in sports modes for both indoor and outdoor activities and advanced health data tracking, making it simple and easy to stay connected to what matters, just with a flick of the wrist.

  • Enable smart notifications, not least texts, calls, reminders and calendar.Almost all notifications received by your phone can go straight to your watch, unless some of notifications have been turned off. After all, you may not expect your watch to buzz each time you there is a text message of sales promotion, which is totally fine if you want. To make things better, you can even respond to messages from your watch. If you possess a KOSPET TANK T1 PRO with exquisitely-built waterproof speakers and MIC, you are able to make and take phonecalls from your watch, which enables you to have convenience from your wrist the whole time.
  • Listenon the go. Start your next journey with some smoothing music by making the most of your KOSPET smartwatch. It allows you to download your favorite songs and listen to them while moving without taking a smartphone with you. The watch can sync playlists from your phone and play your favorite tunes on its own no matter the situation, making you more absorbed and engaged in what you are hearing.
  • Add an extra layer of safety precautions.It is of vital importance to locate yourself in the event of an emergency, particularly when you are in the wilds. When paired with your compatible smartphone, the KOSPET OPTIMUS 2 and NOTE are capable of providing real-time view of your location during a GPS activity, in order that you can have a comprehensive picture of your current location, the duration of the activity, the distance you’ve traveled and more.

Last but not least, the KOSPET smartwatch apps, such as Fit Cloud Pro, Da Fit and KOSPET FIT, also include all your health and fitness data so you can easily view the metrics your watch is tracking. Even better? They are absolutely free of charge!

Ready to stay connected without staring at your phone screen all day? Click here to shop KOSPET smartwatches.



  1. Apple is a trademark of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries.
  2. Android is a trademark of Google LLC.


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