Tips for Smartwatch Maintenance

Every piece of KOSPET smartwatch has been crafted as a durable and practical smart wearable. In order to ensure the long-term stable operation and extend the lifespan of your smartwatch (or smart band), however, proper maintenance practices are of crucial significance. Here follow some tips to help you fill in the gaps!


Screen Hygiene.

Highly resistant to scratches and collisions as most KOSPET smartwatches are, it is important to clean your watch’s screen regularly with a soft dry cotton cloth, or a soft cotton cloth dipped in a bit screen-specific cleaner. If the appearance of your smartwatch is stained with fingerprints, sweat, or dust, you can use a soft cotton cloth, or a soft towel immersed in water to remove it.


If the dirt cannot be wiped away, try the cloth dipped in detergent, soap, or other daily cleaning solutions. Eventually, get rid of any residue of the cleaner with a wet cotton cloth, after which utilize a dry cloth to wipe it dry.


Maintaining Water Resistance Performance.

All KOSPET smartwatches from the Rugged Series feature standout waterproof, yet remember not to expose yours to extreme water pressure. After each contact with water, dry the watch promptly to protect its interior from moisture. Also please note that the waterproof rating may slightly differ among KOSPET smartwatches.

For instance, KOSPET TANK M2 comes with a 5 ATM level, indicating that it can be worn during shallow water sports and activities in swimming pools and shallow coastal areas. But avoid wearing the rugged smartwatch in saunas, or for hot showers.


Maximizing Battery Life and Lifespan.

To extend the rechargeable battery applied in your KOSPET smartwatch, do not recharge or discharge the watch frequently, or leave it in extremely high or low temperatures to prevent battery damage. It is essential to use the original charger whenever possible as well.


Firmware Updates.

To improve your user experience, regular firmware updates are vital. Whichever approach chosen to update, it is recommended that you back up your data in case of data loss. At the same time, make sure that your smartwatch has been charged sufficiently, while keeping the network connection stable during the update process.


Last but not least, if your smartwatch has suffered severe damage like cracked screens, getting a new one seems more cost-effective than having it repaired in most cases. Additionally, it is worth considering purchasing the latest KOSPET model if your current smartwatch has been used for a long period of time and certain features fail to meet your demands. After all, a brand new smartwatch by KOSPET makes a stylish and versatile daily accessory.

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