Track Your Sleep with KOSPET TANK X1

Considering the fact that we spend close to one-third of our lifetime trying to cop some z’s, having a quality sleep is of great significance, whether we seek to perform better in sports, or simply to improve our overall health and wellness.


But do you have any idea of how well you sleep?


While you may go to bed or get up at appropriate times, does it imply that you sleep enough? How much do you know about your sleep cycle? What about your daytime naps? Apparently, getting to know all of this is difficult, so this is when our latest KOSPET TANK X1 has been brought in.


By tapping into your nighttime heart rate and movement patterns, the smart band is able to estimate how much time you spend on each stage of sleep, which assists you to identity and address sleep-related issues.


KOSPET TANK X1 not only features advanced and precise sleep tracking, but also comes with an astounding battery life that relieves you from low battery anxiety. Therefore, the smart band can keep you company all night long to monitor your sleep in detail.


Read on to find out main sleep-related data measured and collected by KOSPET TANK X1.


Stages of Sleep


During a normal nightly sleep, your body will cycle through different stages of sleep – light sleep, deep sleep, awake and REM (rapid eye movement), each of which is crucial for ideal rest and recovery.


Light sleep. which takes up more than half of the night, involves plenty of body maintenance, alongside memory and emotion processing. Though your heart rate and breathing slightly decrease during this stage, you can still hear and have a sense of awareness.


In terms of deep sleep, it revolves more around the body. During deep stage of sleep when your body is less reactive to the outside world, your body releases growth hormone that boosts cellular rebuilding and repair, which helps to enhance your immune system.


REM, as the name suggests, occurs when your eyes move rapidly towards different directions. This stage of sleep not only plays an important role in emotion and regulation and memory, but helps many processes in the body function properly through the peak of protein synthesis at the cellular level.



Movement Patterns


How often do you wake up with your pillows and blankets all over the bed? Unaware as you might be of it, switching your sleeping position frequently actually triggers  more restless sleep. KOSPET TANK X1 helps to ensure that you rest enough via close track of your nighttime movement.


Based on your heart rate, movement patterns and other indicators, KOSPET TANK X1 determines the corresponding stage of sleep you are in and the duration.


Daytime Nap Tracking


To further understand your daytime doze, KOSPET TANK X1 takes the sleep-centered feature to the next level by monitoring your short naps over 30 minutes during the day. Upon waking up, sleep-related data is available in KOSPET FIT, a self-developed and all-purpose App by KOSPET.


To be certain, all KOSPET smartwatches serve as every-ready sleep trackers. Why not follow your sweet dream with one of the masterpieces?



Note: KOSPET products are not designed or intended to monitor or diagnose diseases or other conditions.


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