Frequently Asked Questions


Last updated: February 2024


My Orders

How long does it take to process my order?

Overall the orders are processed within 1-2 working days for available products.

How soon can I receive my order?

Your order will be delivered to you from the warehouse closest to your shipping address. 
It normally takes 2 to 5 working days if the order is sent from our warehouse in the US or Germany. As for our warehouse in China, it usually takes 10 to 30 working days by Standard Registered Airmail and 3 to 8 business days by Expedited DHL.

How to modify or cancel an order?

In general, an order will be processed within 1 to 2 working days. If you want to modify or cancel it, please email us at: as soon as possible. 
Please note that once an order has been delivered, only can it be returned rather than canceled. Therefore, address changes and cancellations are not guaranteed, depending on the actual situation.

Can I add other item(s) or edit the order information after payment?

No. Neither is supported once the payment has been made.

Which payment methods are accepted on KOSPET official webshop?

The following payment methods are accepted: American Express, Apple Pay, Diners Club, Discover, Meta, Google Pay, MasterCard, PayPal, Shop Pay, and Venmo.

How to enter a discount code for my purchase?

If you’re shopping on a mobile device:
1.When you are ready to make a purchase, go to your cart by clicking on the shopping bag icon in the upper right corner of the page and select CHECK OUT. 
2.Click on Show order summary on the upper side of the page. 
3.Enter your discount code written exactly as you received it in the box provided for this purpose. Then click on Apply.

If you’re shopping on a desktop:
1.When you are ready to make a purchase, go to your cart by clicking on the shopping bag icon in the upper right corner of the page and select CHECK OUT. 
2.Once you’ve confirmed your order, enter your discount code written exactly as you received it in the box provided for this purpose. Then click on Apply.

1. Please ensure you don’t add any extra spaces before or after the discount code, which could happen if you copy-paste the code from an email or other electronic communication.
2. The discount will be applied once the discount code is confirmed and accepted.

How to find my tracking number?

Once your order is shipped from our warehouse, you will receive an email with the tracking number. 

What information is required to place an order?

To place an order, you need to provide your email address, full name, valid address, and the recipient's phone number.

Is there a minimum amount of payment to place an order on KOSPET official webshop?

There is NO minimum payment limit on our official webshop.

Can I pay by cash-on-delivery for my order?

We currently DO NOT support cash on delivery (COD).

Shipping & Tracking

From where is the shipping sent and to which areas do we ship?

All products are shipped from one of our warehouses in China, Germany, the UK, or the US. We ship to most physical addresses in the world. 
Please note that shipment may be delayed during weekends and holidays.
Once you’ve successfully placed an order, it means that the product(s) can be delivered to your shipping address.

How much does shipping cost?

The final shipping cost can be viewed at checkout, which depends on package weight, the shipping method, distance between the warehouse and the destination, etc.

Why hasn’t my package’s tracking information been updated?

The tracking information may not updated until the package arrives at your local distribution center.
Since many packages reach one place (e.g. a transit country or region, an exchange office) simultaneously, it takes time to line up for the customs to check and release the packages batch by batch according to respective arrival dates.

Does the total price include taxes?

All KOSPET products are exclusive of taxes. Since the tax rate varies across different countries and regions, please contact the local customs to learn more.
If the package isn’t dispatched or it is returned because the buyer hasn’t cooperated with the customs or paid customs duties, a refund is NOT supported.

Please note that KOSPET charges VAT on orders delivered to the EU. 

What should I do if delivery fails due to an incorrect address?

Please email KOSPET official Customer Service at: for the contact information to contact your local shipping carrier to retrieve your package.
When placing an order, please provide a complete and correct delivery address, including name of recipient, company name, flat number, floor number, street name, and valid phone number. KOSPET will NOT be responsible for any lost package due to incorrect delivery address provided.

Which transporter will ship my order?

We currently offer two shipping methods, registered airmail and DHL.

Returns & Refunds

How to apply for a return or refund?

Return products with quality issue(s):

You have 30 days (from date of purchase) to request a return/refund. You need to request a return in 7 calendar days past the maximum estimated delivery date, or 30 days from the order date, whichever is later.


Return products without quality issues:

You have at least 7 days from delivery date to request a return/refund if you are unsatisfied with the product or for other personal reasons. Either way you need to bear a 70% depreciation charge and shipping fee within 30 days from the purchase date or 7 days from delivery date, whichever is later.


If you need to return the goods, please contact our official service via email:


When will I receive my refund?

Your refund will be processed automatically as soon as your order has been canceled or we have received the returned product. 
You will receive your refund within 3 to 15 working days, depending on the payment method and the processing time of the designated bank.

How to get my money back if I want to cancel my order after paying for it?

If you've canceled your order or we've confirmed the product you've returned, your money will be refunded through the same method of payment.

Workouts & GPS Tracking 

How to acquire more precise sports data?

1. Make sure that you've detailed your personal information on the compatible App, such as age, height, weight, etc. 
2. Please update the compatible App to the latest version: 
For Android smartwatches: enter Settings > About the Watch > Wireless Update. For Bluetooth smartwatches, open the compatible App for the firmware update.

How to maximize the battery life and lifespan?

1. Keep your watch/band updated to the latest firmware version.
2. Optimize your settings — adjust screen brightness, shorten display duration, turn off the screen when not in use, enable health monitoring (of heart rate, blood pressure, blood oxygen, stress levels), always-on display, and Power Saving Mode when needed.
3. Please remember not to charge your watch/band until it runs out of battery.

Why doesn’t the Step Counter work? Why does it work during my sleep?

Please ensure the firmware of your watch/band is up to date and try to reset the watch/band. 

How to perform a breathing exercise?

1.Swipe right on the home screen to access the breathing exercise interface.
2.Set the duration and pace as desired.
3.Tap Start to begin.

When does my watch/band start counting steps?

To ensure your watch/band detects your daily activities with improved accuracy, the built-in step counter only displays real-time steps after 10 consecutive steps, or 20 consecutive steps in the evening. 

Burned calories calculated while cycling are wrong.

Since your watch/band moves mainly in a parallel direction while cycling, it records fewer steps and calorie consumption. 

Failed to enable GPS positioning. 

Since GPS signals may be affected indoors or downtown, please move to open outdoor spaces. 

GPS route is inaccurate.

Since GPS signals may be affected indoors or downtown, please move to open outdoor spaces. 

Why doesn’t my watch/band feature GPS positioning?

The feature is currently exclusive to KOSPET TANK M3 ULTRA and TANK T3 ULTRA smartwatches 

Altitude reading is inaccurate. 

Please calibrate altitude manually on your watch/band, or restore it to factory settings. 

Pairing & Settings

How to enable Sedentary Reminder?

Keep your watch/band connected to your compatible smartphone, open the KOSPET FIT App, then go to Device > Sedentary Reminder to enable it.
Please note that if no activity is detected within the 60 minutes after enabling Sedentary Reminder, the watch/band will vibrate to remind you to move around.

How to change the language?

Method 1: Swipe down on the home screen and enter Settings to change the language.
Method 2: Swipe right from the home screen and enter Settings to change the language.
Method 3: Open the compatible App (e.g. KOSPET FIT) and select Device > More Settings > Device Language to change the language.

How does the watch/band track my sleep?

Your watch/band will automatically track your sleep if worn to sleep. Wake up for sleep insights on the compatible App, including analysis of sleep duration, sleep stages, etc.
Please note that sleep lasting less than 3 hours is monitored as naps. 

When first using the watch/band, why can’t I pair it with my phone?

Please ensure that you’ve followed the user manual before trying the following methods.
Method 1: Remove all Bluetooth devices on your phone, restart your phone and the watch/band before re-pairing.
Method 2: Reset your watch/band. Then delete and reinstall the compatible App.
Method 3: Use another mobile device to pair it with your watch/band.

Why can’t I receive notifications of incoming calls?

Method 1: Make sure your watch/band has been connected to the compatible App via Bluetooth.
Method 2: Open the compatible App, then go to Device to enable Phone Notifications.
Method 3: Please ensure you’ve disabled Do Not Disturb on your watch/band. 

Syncing & Accuracy

Why can't I receive App notifications? 

1. Make sure Notifications for the specific App has been enabled.
2. Make sure notifications for the App are allowed to appear on Notification Center of your compatible smartphone.
3. There may be some problems when pairing the watch/band with your phone. Please pair again according to the user manual, during which give permissions to Notifications for the App on your compatible phone. 
4. Make sure Do Not Disturb is off both on your phone and the watch/band, in case notifications should be blocked.

Why can’t I pair the watch/band with my phone?

Please ensure that you’ve followed the user manual before trying the following methods.
Method 1: Remove all Bluetooth devices on your phone, restart your phone and the watch/band before re-pairing.
Method 2: Reset your watch/band. Then delete and reinstall the compatible App.
Method 3: Use another mobile device to pair it with your watch/band.

What else to pay attention to about pairing and connection? 

1. Please ensure that the compatible App runs normally in your phone's background. Android smartphone users need to add the App to Whitelist on Settings lest the App should be turned off automatically when the screen is off. 
2. Make sure whether the App is turned off manually.

How to acquire more accurate heart rate and other health data?

1. Neither too loosely nor too tight, please wear the watch/band properly. The watch/band should be worn on the outside of your wrist and above your wrist bone.
2. Make sure the software on your watch/band is up to date. Open the compatible App on your watch/band to update.
3. Keep the optical heart rate sensor clean. It is recommended that you rinse the watch/band off after a workout. If you use sunscreen, lotions or insect repellents, remember to clean your watch/band more thoroughly. 

Why isn't the weather data displayed on my watch/band?

Weather data is not automatically updated on the watch/band. Please connect your watch/band with the compatible App and update weather via the following steps:
1.Make sure you’ve granted location permissions on the App.
2.Open the App and select Weather in the upper right corner, then wait for the data to sync.
3.Restart your phone after turning on its Bluetooth again.

Why isn’t my data syncing?

When Bluetooth and the compatible App on your phone are turned on, data will automatically be synced to the App. If doesn’t, please try the following methods:
1.Swipe down from the App’s home page to sync data manually.
2.Exit the App and retry to sync.
3.Try to restart your phone’s Bluetooth or your phone. 

Why does my watch/band connect and disconnect repeatedly?

1.Please ensure that Bluetooth connection isn’t blocked by a human body or the metallic jewelry between the watch/band and your phone.
2.Please make sure your watch/band has sufficient battery power.
3.For Android users, try to forget the device on system’s Bluetooth settings. Go to Settings > Bluetooth > Tap on the ⓘ icon on the right > Forget This Device.
4.For iOS users, if your phone has been connected to multiple Bluetooth devices, please remove some on Bluetooth settings.
Please note that if none of the methods works, try to restart Bluetooth or your phone. 

How long can my watch/band record data when my phone is not nearby?

Your watch/band can independently store data obtained over the last 7 days. 
Once your watch/band is connected to your phone, you can run outdoors without your phone. To sync workout data, turn on your phone’s Bluetooth and the compatible App, with your phone close to your watch/band. 

Why aren’t my contacts fully synced?

Please note that: 
1. Contacts without added note(s) cannot be synced.
2. Contacts with special emojis cannot be synced.
3. Contacts exceeding the contact limit cannot be synced. 

How to set the time and date on my watch/band?

If your watch/band is disconnected to the compatible App, swipe down or right from the home screen to enter Settings and change the time and date.
If your watch/.band is connected to the compatible App, you can directly change the time and time zone on your phone. For KOSPET TANK M3, TANK M3 ULTRA, TANK T3, and TANK T3 ULTRA smartwatches, go to Settings > Time & Date > enable Sync App.
Please note that if the time zone on your watch/band doesn't sync with that on your phone, make sure the time format on the App is set to follow the system. Set it by entering Device > More Settings > Unit Settings > Time Format.

Security & Privacy

My privacy rights at KOSPET

At KOSPET, we respect your ability to know, access, correct, restrict the processing of, and erase your personal data. If you would like to exercise these privacy rights, you may have the right to: (i) request confirmation on whether we are processing your personal data; (ii) get access to or a copy of your personal data; (iii) obtain an electronic copy of personal data that you have provided to KOSPET; (iv) limit or object to our uses of your personal data; (v) seek to correct or amend inaccurate, incomplete or improperly processed personal data; (vi) withdraw your consent, and (vii) request deletion of your personal data stored by KOSPET, subject to certain exceptions in accordance with applicable law. 

Are products bought from the KOSPET official webshop authentic? 

Products purchased from the KOSPET official webshop are 100% authentic and all will be covered by our Warranty Policy.

What are the benefits of creating an account?

By creating an account, you can enjoy:
1.faster checkout.
2.easier order tracking
3.multiple shipping addresses supported.
4.real-time notifications of the latest promotion and discount on your favourite product. 

How to register an account?

Register your KOSPET account right now via the link: 

What should I do if I forgot the password for my watch/band?

Please contact our Customer Service via email: to obtain the ROM file to reset your watch/band.

About services provided on third-party websites/Apps

These third-party services are not controlled by KOSPET. We encourage you to read the privacy policies of each website and application with which they interact. We do not endorse, screen or approve, and are not responsible for, the privacy practices or content of such other websites or applications. Providing your personal data to third party websites or applications is at your own risk.

Charging & Battery

How to enable Always-on Display?

Wake up your watch/band, then go to Settings > Watch Faces & Themes > Always-on Display, to select a style for always-on display.
For KOSPET TANK M3, TANK M3 ULTRA, TANK T3, and TANK T3 ULTRA smartwatches: go to Settings > Always-on Display to set always-on display to follow the current watch face, or custom it with a new watch face and schedule display duration. 
Please note that enabling Always-on Display may largely impact the battery life.

What should be paid attention to while charging?

1.Please ensure that your watch/band is fully charged before first use. 
2.When charging your watch/band, please keep the magnetic charging cable or charging base away from any metal conductor to prevent a fire.

Why is my battery draining so fast?

Enabling the AOD mode and GPS tracking and playing audio on your watch/band will drain the battery quickly.

My battery has lost 10% charge in a day. Does it mean the battery lasts for 10 days?

No. Please note that the actual amount of battery life refers to how long it takes for the battery to drain from 100% to 0%. Yet the battery drain is not linearly proportional to usage time.Theoretically, the more charge the battery has, the faster it drains.

Can I purchase a battery for my watch/band separately?

Currently batteries CANNOT be purchased separately.

Where can I learn about the battery type and battery capacity?

Both can be found on the Technical Specifications page of a product description. 


How to perform an OTA firmware update?Why can’t I pair the watch/band with my phone?

For Android smartwatches:
Ensure your device is connected to the network. Then go to Settings > About Watch > Wireless Update, and choose to update to the latest version.
For Bluetooth smartwatches:
Open the compatible App on your smartphone and go to Device > Firmware Update to update.
Note: Make sure your watch/band has at least 70% battery power to perform the firmware update.

Is it necessary to keep Bluetooth enabled?

Bluetooth is not required for the following features: Step count, Alarm, Workouts, Measurements of heart rate, blood oxygen, and blood pressure, Sleep tracking, etc.
To sync real-time data gathered by the watch/band to your smartphone, it is necessary to interconnect them via Bluetooth. So it is required to enable Bluetooth for features, such as Bluetooth calling, Music control, App notifications, and Data synchronization.

What to do if the firmware update fails?

1.Retry the update.
2.Connect your watch/band to the compatible App (e.g. KOSPET FIT), go to Device > Firmware Update, and swipe down to sync data, which can reactivate the firmware update. 
3.Restart Bluetooth on your phone, then enter the compatible App to update again. 

Why can't my watch/band connect to the compatible App?

1.Exit the compatible App and turn off Bluetooth. Then try to reconnect.
2.Keep your watch/band close to your compatible phone rather than other Bluetooth devices.
3.Check your device’s information on your phone’s list of connected Bluetooth devices on Settings.
4.If you have paired your watch/band with your phone, please unpair before using a new phone to pair. 

How to sync my data to Apple Health or Strava?

Open the KOSPET FIT App on your phone, go to Profile > Third Party Apps to sync your data to Apple Health or Strava.


How to track the status of an existing repair?

To check your repair status, please contact KOSPET Customer Service via email:

How to change the watch face?

Method 1: Press and hold the watch face, then swipe left or right to quickly switch between watch faces.
Method 2: Enter Settings > Watch Faces on your watch/band to change the watch face.
Method 3: Open the compatible App, go to Device > Watch Face Gallery to switch the watch face. 

Why can’t I receive App notification alerts?

To control music playback on your phone using your watch/band, please ensure that:
1. Your watch/band is connected to your phone, and the compatible App (e.g. KOSPET FIT) is running in the background.
2. App notifications are allowed to make sure your watch/band receives song information.

Also please note that: 
1.After opening your phone's music player, your watch/band will automatically  display the status of the currently playing song. 
2.Swipe right on the home screen to enter the music interface, where you can pause or play songs, switch to the previous or next song, or adjust the volume.

How to adjust the sound and vibration?

Method 1: Swipe down on the home screen, and go to Settings > Sound & Vibration to adjust it.
Method 2: Swipe left or right on the home screen, and go to Settings > Sound & Vibration to adjust it.
You can adjust the vibration strength and enable Silent Mode if necessary.

Where can I follow KOSPET on social media?

Welcome to follow us on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, TikTok, and Linkedin

What comes in the packaging of a new product?

Generally, the packaging includes:
A smartwatch or a smart band
A charging cable/magnetic charging base
A tempered glass screen protector
A user manual
A warranty card
Note: The packaging contents may slightly differ depending on the specific product.

Why can't I use my watch/band to take pictures or control music?

For iOS users:
Make sure you have connected your watch/band to the compatible App (e.g. KOSPET FIT) and grant access to the camera.

For Android users:
Ensure the watch/band is connected to the app, the camera permission is granted, and enable notification permissions in the app under Device > App Reminder.

Make sure you have connected your watch/band to the compatible App (e.g. KOSPET FIT) and grant access to the camera.

If the above steps fail, please try the following:
Uninstall and reinstall the app, grant the app all permissions, restore the watch/band to factory settings, and reconnect it to the app.

How to order the strap of TANK X1?

To purchase the matching strap for TANK X1, please contact us via email: